Music Makes Me Happy

So we're going to Hawaii in a couple of weeks. And it never fails that we miss any good show on the island by a few days, in either the direction, and the same goes for shows here in LA while were away. This time is no different. While searching and seaching for shows to see, anything remotely good will do, we will be missing Bad Religion at Pipeline cafe in HI by 5 days! Worse yet is we will be missing an even awesomer show here in LA. The Klingonz only US appearance will be while we are in Hawaii. When I saw the flyer this morning I sent T a text message (he's in NYC) saying we were missing The Klingonz and within minutes I got a text back saying "FUCK!!!" Yep, never fails. Go Jimmy Go will be playing while we're there which will be fun but I didn't necessarily want to see a Ska band. I guess, beggers can't be choosers.

For the past two weeks or so I've been listening to the same 15-20 Misfits songs every single day. I've seen them play live numerous times and every time they blow me away. I love them. There's a great hidden track a few minutes (at the 5:38 mark to be exact) after "Don't Open Till Doomesday" off the American Psycho album. I'll need to upload the tracks in my Misfits permalist to my Ipod. I've been keeping a list of songs to add to my Ipod for Hawaii. Hawaii radio sucks and if there is no Ipod driving on Hawaii's slow ass freeways is enough to make you crazy. Can you believe the max speed limit in most areas is 45-50 MPH!!!!!! That's crazy!

Sometime last week a long time friend of mine emailed me some pics of us in 8th grade. We talked prior to her sending them to me. She was on vaca in Hawaii and was going through some of her old stuff at her moms and came across all these pics. She could barely tell me about it without laughing. I don't blame her we were goofy. I had braces, she had a big ol cast in all pics from wrist to armpit. It was 8th grade graduation and we were all teary eyed like we would never see each other again. Little did we know that after all these years we're still friends and now making fun of our goofy ass mugs. Those were definetly good times, really, really good times. Those years (grades 7 and 8) of middle school was the big turning point in my life. When I came into my own. I discovered "my music" meaning the stuff I liked and probably to this day the music that has become the soundtrack of my life. I discovered a lifestyle, a culture, friendships that have made a deep impact on me. Those were the years I discovoered boys, had many boyfriends and crushes, discovered the beauty of the skater boy that will always have a special place in my heart. Those were my boys. That was my weekends. Me and Adrienne with the boys hanging out at the Aikahi gutters, to stupid and naive to know any better. Good times I tell ya. Adrienne and I still talk about it and it always puts a smile on our faces. Okay, enough of my nostalgia.

Tonight the kids and I are planning on going over to the Cohens for din din and fun times. The last time we were there we had a really nice fancy growed up dinner with nice Portuguese wine, the kids had pizza and we had Bad Religion blasting on the stereo. It was pretty nice actually. K was rocking out so hard he banged his head on the table a few times. He didn't cry. He laughed and picked up where he left off. T refers to it as the "thunder music" and that night K was totally feeling the thunder. Most likely he'll be feeling the thunder again. V likes any music but seems to particularly like the ass shaking music, stuff with a heavy beat and bass sound. He enjoys some Spank Rock, some M.I.A. and even some Peaches (which really I shouldn't be allowing him to hear the stuff that comes out of her mouth!)

T comes back on Friday and at this point Friday can't come soon enough. V is having a major freak out session all the time. For the first time its just not clicking that T isn't here so he is constantly asking for him. Last night was a little bit rough, luckily I can function with little sleep. If I can get 4 hours in I'm pretty good throughout the day. I got my 4 hours but it wasn't comfortable. But here I am, gettin' my work on.

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