It's November

The kids wore their costumes to school. V's class had a little party. I made mini cupcakes with cute Halloween sprinkles for both kids. I could not believe how much time I spent in the kitchen the night before! I haven't baked in awhile so I forgot how time consuming baking can be. The school had a Halloween parade which sadly I missed as my day was booked with meetings. However in my 2pm meeting our boss surprised everyone and gave us all the rest of the day off! Sweet! Except I carpooled and didn't have a way home. I begged Matt to drive me home since I was on his route. He happily obliged and I am super grateful for it.

Halloween night with two toddlers=recipe for crazy. Halloween night with three toddlers and a baby=really tiring! We made plans to go trick or treating with the Cohens in Toluca Lake. We met up at 530pm at our place then caravan'd over. Traffic was nutso and it took us a half hour to get there (normally its 10 minutes). We found great parking just west of Big Boy, crossed the street and headed right into the beautiful neighborhood. We started at a great time as there weren't much people out T-Ting and those that were out were toddlers and young children. On Mai's suggestion we brought along the stroller "just in case." V was Batman from Batman Beyon and K was a knight. The knight costume was cute, all bulky and plasticy but cute. However next year i'm avoiding costumes with props, he had a helmet, shield and sword which he used to stab peoples foilage! The kids did well but after an hour my two kids were melting down fast! We strapped V into the stroller as he was being most difficult and T dragged K along to keep up. He was distracted by the sword and kept dropping the damn helmet. Damn props! After T-Ting we all went to Mr. Cecils for some yummy BBQ! Oh. My. God. that really hit the spot. It was delish! I must go back.

And now we're into November. I can hardly believe it. I want to finish my xmas shopping in the next couple of weeks. Any kid that gets a present from me, their shopping is complete. Parents, i'll wait till i'm in Hawaii to buy it. That said I have about 25% left to buy for, not to shabby. And my own kids, I may do something a little suckey and do a joint gift but its gonna be a big joint gift one they will enjoy.

19 days until Hawaii. I'm really looking forward to the vacation. I just want to go to the beach, relax and maybe see some recent movies. Ahhhh.....

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