Hooray for Babysitters

SitterCity as I was having the most awful time finding a sitter. I have a sitter but I feel so bad using her cause I know she's not keen on babysitting at night cause she's a fulltime nanny and i'm sure she's tired when she's done with her family and then I come in and want her to stick around at my house for a few more hours. Thus I'm looking for a few other folks to occassionally help us out. After the holiday's T and I decided to hire a sitter twice a week twice a month, so 4 times per month so we can reclaim a little bit of our life which I think will translate to eating at Canele a lot! Yum!!!!

I had passes for a free preview screening of Juno tonight but because of the porno party I dont think i'll get to go. To bad cause I actually want to see Juno. Oh well, general release is good enough for me.

Last night after my eye appointment (which the doc gave me 10 pairs of contacts for free) I stopped by Trader Joes to get some juice and milk I quickly walked through the store to pick up anything else we may need i spotted some holiday cookies. Candy Cane Joe-joes. Oh. My. God. they are sooooo good!!! If you're not familiar with Joe-joes they are the Trader Joe's version of oreos. I think I want to pick up a box or two and take them to Hawaii with me, my family will love it!!

The V-man has caught a cold. I'm doing everything I can to help him get better in the next week. The last thing I want to do is take him on a plane with the sniffles.

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