Eastbound to the West Coast

So our time here has come to an end. We're heading back to CA tonight. We're catching a red eye back which, if all works out as we hope, the kids will be asleep for the entire flight. This trip went by super quick. Normally we try to do 10 days in Hawaii and this time we did a week. Which is fine but I feel like I was just starting to relax. Luckily I don't have to go back to work until December 3 so I'll still have a couple of days to chill before I need to go to work.

It's been nice to just chill, go to the beach, visit with relatives....family stuff. I feel like I miss out on so much living far away but I'm hoping we'll be able to come back more frequently. But then again I think I say that all the time.

This morning it started pouring. I haven't seen rain like that in a long time. There was raging loud thunder and even bits of lightening. It was actually quite nice. The cold air and wet drops falling from the sky was refreshing. I heard some lights went out so traffic was really bad. As the rain tapered off T, my cousin Leia and I all headed out to Boots and Kimo for breakfast. Apparently they are known for their Macadamia Nut pancakes with "nut sauce." Doesn't that sound questionable??? Kinda dirty even. Anyway my cousin and I ordered a short stack to split as sides to our omelette's. I expected the "nut sauce" to be sickly sweet but it wasn't it was nice and creamy, a pleasant surprise.

Now i'm going to enjoy my last afternoon here. The air is cool, the mountains are lush and green and the lawn is damp. Perfect! I want to soak it all in before I go back home.

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