Bad Habit

I think my lip balm/lip application addiction is still around. I guess I haven't been to super aware of it. I would always have lip balm in my pocket, in my purse, in my bedroom, in the living room. Pretty much everywhere I went I had one handy. It's not one kind of specific balm/gloss/stick; i'm an equal opportunist. On a normal day at work I have to tubs of Rosebud Salve and a chapstick at my desk and in my purse normally 2 lip stickes, 2 tubes of gloss, a gloss with a wand applicator and a chapstick. I know I do this at home and occassionally at work I just zone out applying chapstick to my lips ad by the time I stop I have a thick layer of balm on my lips and around the edge/skin zone area there's a nice heaping coating as well. I know I have a lip application issue but I hate when I'm aware of it or catch myself making the 75th round of application of chapstick while im staring at the TV.

When I lived in Chicago I had a friend that had the exact same problem. She had a tube of Dr. Pepper chapstick (yum!) and practically every seat in her apartment. She was just as bad as me if not worse. She made me feel less freak like. Its a weird addiction and I bet a pretty common one as well. Not sure why i'm even sharing this.

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  1. You're not alone in your addiction. I don't have one (although I do tend to carry around a single lip balm, just in case) but 2 of my co-workers do. In fact, the other day, one co-worker was re-arranging her purse and she pulled out 11 different lip glosses/lip sticks. The kicker was that the other co-worker pulled out her make up bag and pulled out 17. 17!!!