And He's Off

I was suppose to finish my tattoo on Saturday but my artist called me and explained he was ill and to reschedule for the following weekend. Fine. That actually worked out good for me. I was lazy and didn't really feel up to sitting for and hour and a half to finish it up. We spent much of the morning at home since K was feeling a bit under the weather. We had picked them up early from school the previous day when the teacher called and said K wasn't his usual self and was really out of it. Even though they didn't ask us to pick him up we decided it would be best since he'd probably be more comfy at home. T headed over to the school since I had an errand to run after work. While in the store I received a text message from T saying that when he took K over to V's class he threw up! Yuck! For obvious we decided to lay low on Friday night and most of Saturday. Okay, so back to Saturday we were at home much of the morning and finally we had to head over to the Right Start to pick up some Diaper Dekor liners for the diaper pail, we couldn't take it anymore, the bathroom was stinkaroo and we needed those liners ASAP. Well, the kids knocked out in the car so we drove around a bit to let them nap. We were gonna grab a bite at Jerry's Deli when the kids woke but I had my suspicions about that. K looked sea sick and could barely speak. I knew he was gonna blow and sure enough he die! Gross out! We headed straight home. K had no appetitie but the rest of us did, so on the drive home we ordered a pizza for pick up. T let K and I off at home and he and V picked up the pizza. K zoned out in bed the rest of the afternoon while the rest of us at pizza. We were starving! Even the littlest one gorged on his piece.

Fast forward to around midnight. The three of us suckers that ate the pizza started suffering from food poisoning!!!!! Little V had it first, puked all in bed, within minutes, I'm kneeling in the bathroom puking my guts out. I barely slept! V and I were up a lot of the night watching Animal Planet and he occassionaly puking up bile. It was awful! K woke up around 6am. I explained to him that we were all sick and he was so good, he just asked that I put a movie on in his room and he let us sleep until 10am! V recovered pretty early on, T and I were hurtin' for most of the day. Around 330pm or so T recovered. I was dying and went to bed around 5pm. The thing is that afternoon I had a work social at my new boss' house that I didn't think I could skip. Im glad I went the kids had a blast! There were other kids and they had such an extravagant playroom that K would not leave it. I'm glad we went and got out of the house, sometimes that alone makes a huge difference.

T took off for a conference in NYC this morning. He'll be returning on Friday afternoon. If he has time I want him to pick up some brownies at Fat Witch, Yum!!! I'm sure he's already booked solid though. But there's no harm in asking, right?

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