Weekend Fun

I took yesterday off of work so I had a nice long, relaxing weekend. Where to start.

Friday: Bailed out of work a little bit early, not super early, but about the time a handful of my team mates leave. T actually picked me up and we swung by the school to get the kids and drop them at home with my mom. T and I had to haul ass to Hollywood for my appointment with Dennis. I was hoping we could finish my arm that night but alas I have one final visit. One thing is for sure, as I have gotten older tattoos hurt a lot more then I remember. But then again when I got sleeved I had a lil' 'sumpensumpen to ease the pain, and tattoos since then have been smaller in size. Hmmmm? Well it turned out nice but still not complete.

Later that night we met up with friends and Big Foot Lodge. It was a fun night, we haven't had fun like that in ages and although totally irresponsible of us I don't know how we managed to get home (even thought T claimed he could drive), we really should have let Mai drive. The friday night DJ is a friend of Mai and Oren so he totally busted out some classic 70s and 80s punk rock for us. I went into Friday night with the mind set of only 2 drinks since I knew mom was going to be out with friends on Saturday afternoon and we would be with the kids. Yeah that went out the window when one friend opened a tab and just started getting drinks for everyone. Yikes!

Saturday: mild hangover/headache but not body crippling. The kids were sweet and on pretty good behavior all day. It was pretty low key during the day and then T and I headed out to Canele for an early dinner. I know I've posted about Canele before and it really is becoming one of my favorite restaurants. The place was packed as usual but we didn't need to wait long for a table, maybe 5 minutes. Normally I have this bad habit of ordering the same dish over and over but I didn't do it. I ordered the beef tenderloin with Bordelaise sauce, pommes anna and creamed spinach. Everything was so f*cking flavorful I cannot even begin to describe it. T ordered the rack of lamb with veggies. God it was so good! If you haven't been to Canele check it out. The menu is sparse but what they have they do it so well! It's obvious that this has become a neighborhood favorite as it is crowded everynight! After dinner we strolled through the neighborhood checking out all the galleries since it was the weekend of the Art Crawl. Black Maria had a pretty interesting exhibit with lots of naked stick figure drawings and sculptures. I purchased the cutest little Tiffany Liu painting. Tiffany Liu reminds me a lot of Mark Ryden but less surreal and more cutsey. We came super close to buying a Luke Chueh print. The gallery called it "damaged" cause there was a crease in the back of the paper which was not evident on the image side. We asked how much, fully prepared to buy up to a certain dollar amount. When the sales peeps were getting a price the owner decided to wait. So now I gotta call to see if they priced it or not! oh well. Grabbed some cider from starbucks and called it a night.

Sunday: We took the kids to Mr. Bones to play and pick out pumpkins. Parking is a bitch in that area so we headed straight up the street and parked on a residential street. As we were walking down towards the pumpking patch a crap load of papparazzi started running up around the small parking lot adjacent to the patch. I looked at my mom and said, somebody's in there if there's papparazzi. I warned her since this place was just all over the tabloids last weekend cause in one afternoon courtney cox and daughter, seal and heidi klum and kids, and tobey macguire and daughter were all there. As fun as it is to see celebs it is annoying to have the stalkarazzi lurking over the fences. Anyway we pay our admission (which all goes towards the cost of pumpkins at time of purchase) and let the kids loose. K headed straight for the jumpy pumpkin while V gawked at all the giant halloween figures and then wanted in at the petting zoo. As my mom and I were heading to the petting zoo, I saw why the papparazzi was there. Mark Whalberg was there with his family. There little girl was checking out all the attractions just like any other child there. K so desperately wanted to get his face painted but the line was so long and moving at a snails pace that he really had no patience to wait. Finally we let the kids pick out their pumpkins, I choose a white pumpkin while T picked a greenish grey pumpkin and we headed out the door. We decided to stop by Zanzebelle for some yummy ice cream and some lunch. Zanzebelle is the cutest little place in Silver lake. They sell ice cream, old fashioned sodas, sandwiches and all kinds of cute little gifts/candies/toys. We all got some ice cream and ate it there on their wonderful little outside porch. The kids love it there because at the corner of the porch is a gigantic giraffe and the area is fenced in so they are free to roam. While we were eating our ice cream Christina Ricci turned up for a little snack herself. She is so super tiny and totally adorable with her new haircut! Part way through the ice cream V decided he wanted my cone and no longer wanter his little bowl. I had a dark chocolate which left him with an insanely brown ice cream mustache and beard and sideburns. T took him in to get cleaned up and left Christina Ricci gushing how cute he was with the mustache. Ultimately V didn't let T clean him up and we ended up taking him home like that. K crashed in the car on the short drive home and slept for nearly 2 hours. Later that afternoon my mom and I took V and went to the Galleria, just to get out of the house. It was a good day. T and I had dinner at Chadaka Thai in Burbank and quickly browsed through Urban Outfitters before heading home. I left the store without a tee of Dr. Dre's The Chronic album art!!!

Monday: Took the day off of work. After dropping the kids off at school, mom and I grabbed a quick bite to eat at Bobs. We had a 9am reservation for the Warner Brothers tour so we were really rushing and literally checked in 1 minute before the start of our tour. This was the second time I've been on the tour and it was totally different from the first time and so worth it. If you have visitors in town check it out. There's no theme park to go with it but it is a real tour of a real working studio with real productions going on unlike the fakey feeling you get with the Universal Tour.
After the tour we had lunch at Mauro's Cafe at Fred Segal. Mom and I ordered the same meal, since she was jonsing for it since the last time we went, and it was not a let down in the least. After lunch we hit up some spots around the area and I got 75% of my xmas shopping done. I did get a chance to look at some stuff for my Halloween Costume (Costume party on Saturday) and it was gross! Thank god I tried every thing on at the store. It was shocking and pitiful. Back to square one.

I'm enjoying my time with my mom. T leaves tomorrow morning and it'll be sad since he'll be gone for 6 days. We're hoping we can go to dinner at Cliffs Edge and a movie (probably Elizabeth The Golden Age) tonight.

Here's a pick of our drunk asses on Friday night.

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