Tacos Taste Good

Last night T and I went to dinner at Malo. It was so damn good! I didn't go overboard and order an entire chicken mole shebang, nor did T. Instead he ordered soft fish tacos, which he said were the best ever cause the fish is normally lightly breaded and fried and these were unbreaded and grilled. I ordered one of their "specialties" which is a ground beef and pickles crispy taco. Damn! So good with a little bit of cheese. Almost like a cheeseburger taco but not. Yum! Yum! and more Yum! I ordered this drink called a caipirnha which was basically this Brazilian cachaca on the rocks but with some fresh lime and sugar. I didn't know what cachaca was or even ask when I ordered it and it was so strong. The first few sips were shocking but after that it was fine and I finished it off. Malo has a kids menu and everything is $5 on it so maybe I can take the kids there for lunch.

T leaves for Curacao tonight. *sigh*

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