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This weekend we decided to visit the Peterson Automotive Museum because they have a special exhibit on Micro cars. Teeny itty bitty cars rock. When I lived in Washington I came so close to buying a Fiat 600D for $150 and it came with a second Fiat to use for parts. I would love to have that now but as much as I wanted it back then it would have been a total waste of money. But about the museum. The kids loved it. There's a special floor that's kind of a kids zone with hands on toys and activities, all of the automotive nature. they had a great time. K was really fascinated with the micro cars, some of them were pretty crazy. There was one that had a metal frame but the the outer part of the car, like the doors, hood, roof etc...were made out of a vinyl that just snapped on to the car with buttons. So bizarre.

I picked up a Halloween costume for V one day after work and over the weekend we went to a Halloween store and let K choose out his costume. He wanted to be a skeleton but instead he choose a suit of "Armour" so he could be a knight. Whatever tickles his pickle. T and I were invited to a costume party at our porno director friend's house. T will be in the carribbean for work so i'm going solo. Thus I need to find a costume. Im thinking of a ballerina, tutu and all, and dead of course. So in actuality a zombie ballerina. I want the pink leotard, the pink tutu, pink toe shoes if i can find them and my hair pulled into a really tight bun. i'm thinking of taking a friend with me but I don't know which one. I do have to decide soon so they have time to find a costume.

This week was the kids first week in their new school and they love it. I need get use to their stricter sick policy which is a real good thing. At their old school my kids were sick all the time cause everyone would send their kids to school with colds and stuff since no sick policy was enforced. Now I dread my work phone ringing cause i know it will be the school, no one else calls me on that number. I actually kept K home with me on the very first day cause he was getting over a cold and I didn't want to send him on his first day sick. I think this change is good. I mentioned to another mom, from their old school, that i was moving the kids and gave her some info and guess what she toured the school and they had an opening. I'm 99% sure she's going to take the spot. Im so happy she was able to get her little girl in. She was having the same issues as we were. It's funny cause it was never one thing that got both of us upset it was just a bunch of really little things that finally just reached its limit.

I was suppose to finish my tattoo this Friday night but I'm a bit under the weather and am trying to reschedule to next week. My mom will be here so T will be able to accompany me. I just really want it done and healed by the time I go to Hawaii. However, he did such a good job that it already looks complete. To bad i'm not into the black and gray.

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