Mom Has Left The Building

Mom headed back to HI this morning. I was glad that the kids were awake to say their good-bye's, I'm sure if they were asleep when she left there would have been a teeny bit of panic and sadness when they realized she was gone. I had a nice visit, the kids were spoiled rotten and it was nice to see my mom mostly relaxing. We'll be seeing her again, as well as the rest of la familia in November when we head back to HI.

T comes home tonight. I'm hoping around 1030p. He has know idea what I looked like at the costume party on Saturday night so he'll be in for a treat. FYI....I was "the bearded lady" It was awesome and I totally looked like a circus freakshow act. Ron and Morris attended the party with me and we had a nice time. More about that in a separate post.

Work has been tiring. Im assigned to a porn project right now and i've really had my fill of boobs and butt and more. But i'm sure I have enough porn to look at for the rest of the week!.

I'm tired now and am going to pick up the kids. More later.

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