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Im still trying to shake this cold. I caught it from the big kid about a week and a half ago. Right now i'm mainly dealing with sinus and chest congestion. I loaded up on Mucinex DM and Dayquil to get me through the day. As for the big kid, today is his first day without Tylenol Cold & Cough. T has remained in good health, thank god one of us has. And the little kid, he's a wreck. The last of his teeth are coming through. One came in on Friday night and I think the final one is starting to cut through if it didn't last night. I heard him screaming and yelling in the middle of the night and T was doing everything in his power to soothe him. Normally I try to go out and help but when he's screaming like that I normally make it worse. I felt better this morning when T told me it was good I stayed in the room rather then coming out to help.

On Friday night the pre-school and daycare had a "Back To School Open House." We picked the kids up a little earlier then normal so we could get them fed before heading back. It wa so great to see their art work (even though they had only been there a week) and meet other parents. I'm so glad that their new school encourages these types of activities we never had anything like that at their other school. The teachers discussed our kids participation in class and how well they were doing. I was just happy to see what they had done during their first week. The kids had a great time and were really excited to show us what they had worked on.

Saturday we headed to The Grove. We were planning on buying a pair of boots for the big kid but I was unsure of the size so I wanted to go in person ad try them on. Unfortch Nordstrom didn't have K's size so that was a bust. We took the kids to watch the dancing fountain which they were highly entertained by. I mean who wouldn't be? Around 1130 we decided to hit up the Greek restaurant for lunch. It was so tasty and they had pita pizza for kids which the lil kid quickly gobbled up. After lunch we swung by the Taschen store then gave the kiddos another looksee of the fountain and headed home. Later that night we headed down to Eagle Rock for the Eagle Rock Music Festival. That was tons of fun however the lil kid fell asleep on the drive there, which was a mere 5 minutes away. No biggie, he strapped him in the stroller covered him with a blankie and he slept the entire time. K was wide awake and lovin it. There were about 12 stages of music and it was FREE! We saw some great live bands! We decided to check out The Sirens from Highland Park. They consist of 4 17-year old girls belting out punk/hardcore in englisn and spanish. When they started and the bass was loud and heavy the big kid started getting wound up and suddenly he let loose thrashing and dancing about. It was crazy! We had never seen him just go like that. Im glad we went and let the kid experience live music like that. He's seen it before but definetly not to this extent.

Sunday we spent the afternoon at Huntington Library & Gardens. We spent most of the time at the Children's Garden which was a lot of fun for all of us. The kids loved all the little water fountains and got totally drenched, we anticipated the mess and packed a change of clothes for each boy. We also took the kids to the Japanese garden so they could see all the koi. They really enjoyed themselves. After a couple of hours at the gardens they were completely tuckered out. We changed their clothes once back at the car and headed home.

The past couple of weeks the big kid had been getting more and more naughty. I can't figure out what triggered this behavior but it is really baffling T and I. He is starting to do the complete opposite of everythign we ask him to. He takes off and runs away at most opportunities, will deliberately push/pinch/shove his brother and so much more. Maybe he's testing his boundaries? I don't know what is going on but I sure as hell hope it doesn't last much longer because it is so frustrating.

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