Friday I'm In Love

Mom arrived at my place at 630am. K was thrilled to see her and literally threw himself at her when she came over to say "Hi." She'll be here for about a week and half since T is heading out to Curacao mid-next week for 5 days. I'm taking Monday off so we can hang out and mom really wants to go on the Warner Brothers tour so i'll be doing that with her. I haven't been in years so it'll be a nice thing to do.

Tonight we're going out with the Cohen's for some drinky, music and fun action. They have their sitter lined up and mom is here and wants us to go out for some fun. Friday's DJ at the Big Foot is awesome and turns out he's Oren's friend so I know we'll be hearing some fantastic tunes. I'm super exctied to go as I haven't seen Mai in weeks.

After this weekend i'll be all done with my tattoo. I'll post a completed pic either here or on Myspace. T's arm is turning out really nice. I was having a hard time envisioning some of the details but now that more shading has gone into the piece I have a much clearer picture. T still has 3 or 4 more sittings before it's totally completed. He'll have his next sitting before we head to Hawaii and hopefully by the time we head to HI it will be mostly healed.

K has now discovered a new word, "cool." Last night I told him that I had set up the DVR to record The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Movie and he can watch it when he gets home today. He was so happy and turned to T and said, "Daddy, mommy is taping the Power Ranger movie. That's soooo cool." "That's cool, right, daddy?" On rare occassions, "awesome" substitutes "cool." It's quite funny but what will trump that will be the day he starts calling T and his brother "dude." V is turning into such a cutie. Yesterday I asked him how old he was and he said "Idaknow" and I said, "you're one and I held up one finger" and he said, "no mommy, I five" and held up five fingers! Then he started laughing. His last tooth still hasn't cut through but I know its giving a lot of pain because he's been so cranky and awakes for longer periods of time during the night. And as usual his appetite has shrunk, he only wants to eat apple sauce and cheese.

The kids are thrilled that my mom is here. I know over the course of this next week they won't want to go to school and will want to stay home and roll with her cause they know, especially K, my mom will let them do what ever they want. She spoils them rotten!

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  1. Gosh your boys are getting so big! I remember reading about when you were just pregnant with V and it doesn't seem like a year ago.