Every Day Is Like Sunday

I had a really nice weekend. It was partially restful and partially fun, a really good combination. On Friday we went to Mai and Oren's for dinner. It was a good time. Food was delicious, stuffed ourselves with dessert and all the kids were well behaved. They have two little ones as well, the little girl is 4 months older then V so a really good fit with both of my boys. Their youngest is just 9 months so he gets left out a little bit. We were there till pretty late but luckily we had the boys washed up ahead of time and packed their jammies with us. We were in the car for barely two minutes and they were sound asleep.

We met up with Mai and Oren on Saturday morning at Kidspace. They had a special Halloween event with entertainment, train rides, games, bouncers, food and lots of crafts. The kids had a blast and the dads had a blast in the big bouncy slide thing. It was a really great morning/afternoon and we all had a great time. We left around lunch time and all headed to Coffee Table, in Eagle Rock, for lunch. It was great for about 20 minutes then 3 of the 4 kids, you can guess which 3, started having their mid-day melt down!!! They were loud and obnoxious and we had to all just quickly shovel the food in and leave. Thank god we're not the only ones with this practice. The kids quickly passed out and we were able to get them into the house and put them in their beds for a nice 2.5 hour nap. While the kids and T napped I was able to catch up on some recorded shows from the past week. The rest of the day was chill at home.

Today we took the kids out to Big Boy for breakfast. V ate really really well and K decided it would be cool to eat a pat of butter! Yuck!!! We thought it was gonna be nice, temperature wise, so we headed to Venice. We didn't last long since it was f*cking !!!! The sun was just beating down. We walked the boardwalk for about 30 minutes and decided to call it a day. We ran an errand and then headed home. We all relaxed for a bit, I did some laundry and cleaning up, T played outdoors with the kiddos and then before we knew it it was dinner time. Wait a minute forgot one weird thing. I made a couple of trips to the garage and on my third trip I noticed a little brown thing on the ground near the backdoor. It looked like a dead mouse. I called T over to take a look and to please get rid of it. I made note of how cute it looked but still get rid of it. As he was ready to sweep it up and toss it I made a crack about how it was probably really sleeping and would move when he tried to sweep it. T bent down to sweep it and it moved. He yelled it was alive but when it moved a little it revealed more of its body and T started yelling that it wasn't a mouse it was a bat!!!!! It was injured and or sick or something. I found T a bigger broom and tall dustpan so he wouldn't have to bend down so low to it. He swept it into the dust pan and as he did the little bat immediately tried to escape and it was hanging itself over the edge. Instead of throwing it out T tossed it over the back fence. It tried to fly away but it couldn't. Poor, rabies infested guy isn't going to be alive for much longer. Okay, I made the kids their dinner and a pretty bland pasta for us and my phone rang. it was Mai. She wanted us to come out at meet them at Gauchos if we hadn't eaten. Since T nd I were pretty disappointed with our meal we agreed and let the kids finish up their food and we quickly got changed and met them at the restaurant. It was a fun time K and K were going crazy dancing around to the lounge singer covering Bob Marley and the Rolling Stones. It was time to go when K and K decided it would be a good time to run like maniacs through the restaurant.

Have I mentioned how great it is to have friends that understand and are living the same situation as us. Fun times!!

I'll post a few pics tomorrow.

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