You So Crazy

Seriously now, what is going on? We had hot weather for so long and now this? Don't get me wrong, i'm grateful for the cooler temps but snow levels at 5500 feet, W.O.W. I've been longing for the cooler temperatures, wearing sweaters and multiple layers of tops, the scarves. love it! I'd also dig some rain so this storm that's supposedly headed our way will put some sprinkles down on LA. T's working out in Santa Monica today and suggested he bail out early in case it rains. There really is nothing worse then taking the 405 over the hill in rain! Okay maybe there are worse things but I'm speaking for driving/commuting purposes.

I had a great workout on Tuesday. I'm paying for it now. I did weights, which I don't normally do on a regular basis. I didn't think I did to much but yesterday my arms and chest ached. Today the same thing. Ive been doing a bit of stretching to work it out. I feel lame that I skipped the gym this morning but I had to. It hurts to brush my hair. I'm such a wimp.

One upside to T coming home early. I can make plans to meet Kisha for an afterwork drink at The Griffin in Atwater. I haven't seen Miss K in years. We used to work togehter and BBQ a lot on the weekends but when she quit the big O I spoke with her very sporadically and only saw her once or twice. Her scuzzy man has been gone for a few years, thats a good thing, and she's totally reinvented herself. I'm anxious to meet up, share some goss and catch up.

Things are slow now. We're all doing good. Kids are blossoming, T's busy as usual and I'm totally consumed by a super cool project. The LA Fair is here, hoping we can hit it this weekend, weather permitting. We're BBQing this weekend with one of T's buddies. Should be fun, and he does some interesting work in the adult biz so i've got a few questions for him tucked up my sleeve. Nice thing though he also lives in the 'dale and has two girls the same age as my little monsters.

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