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I very rarely watch the news and when I do its in the morning just so I can here traffic and weather. I'm more incline to read the news. Normally I read local news first, then national then I read tech "news" at a few select tech blogs. The tech news pisses me off more then anything. Normally I like to read news about the comapny I work for. I very rarely read positive press and the negative press is infuriating. Not becasue its negative press but to some extent I agree. I like my job, I like the company but I feel like there is a major lack of creativity and innovation. We've been going through major upper crust reorgs recently. Many big wigs were swept out and fresh meat was brought in. It's still to early to see any significant change but they talk about this and that but what does that mean to me? Its hard to have faith when there's been a real lack of vision for so long. I don't see the fruits of my labor. I own stock in this company and I want to see it succeed. I support the products. I encourage family and friends to use the products. I feel like much of what we do is reactive and proactive. I feel like the company jumps on a trend right when its about to or starting to tip. Not good. We need to be there before it tips otherwise its not good. Theres so many little companies out there with amazing products why don't we have people in place to find these guys and acquire but instead we acquire all these other companies I have no idea what they do and are being acquired to tack on to what we already have, nuts and bolts so to speak. It makes me feel like we're creating a frankenstein not something sleak, innovative or new for that matter. So frustrating!!!!

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