The Battle

This weekend actually felt 2 maybe even 3 times longer then normal. Let's recap.

Friday-Bailed outta work early for an "appointment." Tattoo appointment that is. Dennis asked if I could come before one so we could get started at 1. Sure no problem, I got there at 1230pm. As I was about to make the corner onto La Brea Dennis came around the corner and told me that they were still filming and to come around back to hang out with him and the other guys. We hung out and chatted for maybe a half hour before filming wrapped up. It was fucking funny once we got into the shop. I leaned up against Dennis station waiting for everyone to get settled in. The front of the shop is all windows but they put down this almsot black shade so we can see out but pedestrians can't see in. Anyway, there were a ton of people outside all trying to get a peek into the shop. My guess to see Kat, who was there. Once we were all in the shop it turned out that they had to do a little interview segment for the show, so we all sat quietly, patiently waiting for Kat to film her segment. When it was over and everyone was ready they opened the front door and all those peeps poured in. Kat came back out with her contractor peeps to go over some changes to the shop, the visitors/spectatos/customers/whatnot went nuts. They busted out there camera phone and cameras and started snapping away. Mostly at the back of Kats head since she had her back to them. I sat there laughing at the hysteria. When Kat went out back her hairless cat came in the shop and the peeps went nuts again. One of the shop guys picked him up and people were asking to hold the cat and to take pics with him. Of course the answer was a pretty harsh "No." Then Dennis brought the cat over to me for me to see it and pet it. Petting a hairless cat is like patting a baby's bottom. So soft and smooth! My session lasted 2.5 hours and we're mostly done. Just gotta add the color in session 2 (pics on myspace). So exciting!

Now lets see....Bought a grip of Alice Temperly this weekend. Most likely two dresses will get returned; the black thermal babydoll and the cute fitted one with the pink petals around the neck. Im keeping the grey/black/gold striped long sleeve tee, yellow/white/silver striped long sleeve tee, chunky grey cardy, black vest, black long sleeve dress...im drawing a blank right now. oh well. But the returns will be held in my closet for a few weeks so I can mull it over prior to making my final decision. I also picked up a ton of tights while I was at target as well as some solid black and argyle knee high socks to wear with my engineer boots. That's enough clothes talk.

Sunday-spent the afternoon in Brentwood. They have a petting zoo and pony rides every weekend so we took the kiddies, they had a great time. Adam Sandler was there with his wifey. I didn't see his little girl, maybe she was there maybe she wasn't. We grabbed some lunch in side the Country Mart and it was sooooo yummy! The kids were really good, especially little V. He was acting like such a little man. He sat at the picnic table, like a big kid, didn't want any help with his lunch, and then proceeded to eat everything up. K on the other hand had to be reminded several times to stop playing with his food and to eat. He took forever! And didn't even eat it all. Oh well, what can ya do?

Back to more important things like the Kanye West-Fiddy Cent showdown. If you haven't heard, in a nutshell, both records were released on 9/11 and each said they would outsell the other. Fiddy upped his words and was so confident that he said if Kanye out sold his album he would retire. Kanye said no such thing. But I love that song "Stronger" its rappy and electronic-y and fun! Fiddy, well Fiddy's first ever album was f*cking fantastic but what followed that I have no clue. I dig Kanye's cockiness, I find it truly entertaining. His temper tantrums rivals any 2 year old (remember "george bush does not like black people," I still fell bad for poor mike myers who had to stand there next to him). I've actually listened to the new Kanye album and there's some good stuff, the song he does with Coldplay's Chris Martin is awesome. I'll probably buy it (online, that is) Fiddy's I dont' know. Anyway, today marks the one week mark of the two albums release date. I believe Kanye is outselling Fiddy and will outsell it buy approx 200K copies. Will Fiddy really retire? Interesting stuff...not really but that's my news.

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