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Now that the work venting is out of the way, which was sparked by a wall stree journal article, I can move on.

I finally finished Season 2 of Felicity. I'm returning the last disc for the season today. I decided to some Netflix rearranging and give Felicity a little break. T started to get worried when K was saying that he wanted to watch Felicity and during the show last night there was a scene where Ben was living NYC for the summer to head back to CA and he gets into a cab while Felicity watches him leave. K got up looked at T and I with concerned expression and asked "Where is Ben going?" "Where is he going, why is Ben leaving?" I asked T, "Did he just as about Ben?" I think T didn't want to come to terms and insisted that I incorrectly heard him and that K really said, "Where is her friend going?" After much back and forth on this K butted in and said, "Daddy, where is BEN going?" Ha! So K is following the story and getting to know the characters. How scary is that? So I decided to bump down Season 3 and mix in some regular movies into our nightly repetoire.I have Factory Girl at the top of the list but Netflix tells me "Very Long Wait." I'm not counting on that one. But I am counting on Jockey, Blades of Glory and Jesus Camp. By the way Miss Potter was such a cute movie but I kept getting flashes that I was really watching a period piece of Bridget Jones' Diary.

My hair is getting damn long! I don't really want to cut it but I need my layers groomed a bit. The overall length is the middle of my back and my bangs reach my upper lip. I've finally gave in and realized the flat ironing my bangs was not a good look. The hair flat ironed fine. The bangs need to be blow dried so there's some pouf in it, some movement, some something. I'm contemplating that japanese straightening. I had a friend here that did that, she had crazy curly hair, and her hair looked amazing. It was straight and she could use a blow dryer or curling iron to add curls and bounce. But here's the best part, with the japanese straightening you can shower or swim and your hair dries straight! Can you imagine???? That would be so wonderful. I have this mass of wavy, thick hair and its just a chore to have to do anything with. God it would almost be like a dream come true. I wanna get a quote on the process. My guess is its uber expensive and i'll have to stick to flat ironing.

Can we talk about the VMA's for a moment? Did you see it? It was pretty much crap. The format sucked. The categories sucked. The nominees were kind of joke to me, it was the same handful of artist for every category. The only refreshing category was "Best New Artist." The musical performances were totally jacked. What was up with that? Bands in suites in the Palms and there performances were lead outs and ins for commercials so you didn't even get to hear the entire song. If you wanted to hear the entire song you had to log on to the website and watch it from there. The highlights of the music for me was, and this was after I watched it online, Rihianna and Fall Out Boy performing her song Shut Up and Drive and the Foo Fighters with Serj Tankian (from System of a Down) covering the Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia they fucking rocked! Other then that the show sucked. Oh yeah lets not forget Ms. Spears. There's not much I can say that hasn't been said. After her watching her performance I realized she totally lived up to my expectation which was set incredibly low. The train wreck shouldn't have performed, if anything that just solidified so much for so many people. I think its pretty safe to say her career is over. So sad but its not like she needs the cash right? Talking about this is like beating a dead horse so i'll stop.

My tattoo appointment got pushed a couple of days. I was suppose to go in tomorrow night but thank god its now on Friday afternoon. Holla! I'll post pics. Unfortunately im not much of a bleeder so no bloody arm pics just swollen arm pics.

Peace Out

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