To Bento or Not To Bento?

I'm feeling so much better knowing that next Monday the kids will be in their new school. Tomorrow we're taking the kids for a walk thru, to see their new classrooms and to meet their new teachers. I think they are going to love it. I know we'll go through a little bit of crying on Monday morning but that's expected. The place is new and unfamiliar. I think seeing it on a Friday and starting on a Monday will be a bit of help. We've been totally chatting up the new school to K and he seems excited. We even took them to the store and let them pick out new lunchboxes and reuseable ice packs and for K and little thermos for soups and such.

One thing I will now need to do that I haven't had to in the past is pack a lunch. The old school provided all snacks and lunches and drinks (for V I had to pack sippy cups everyday, that was a toddler care requirement). I'm a bit worried about the lunch thing. There's one class at the new school, which I hope K won't be in but with my kind of luck he will, where 2 kids of tree nut allergies and no PB&J sandwiches are allowed by any student. Damn! K loves PB&J's and its so easy to make and pack and if he's in that class i'll have to somehow turn him on to turkey, ham and even bologna. Should I bento. Hmmm??? Maybe I should. That could be promising plus I'll get to invest in two cute little reusable bento containers. I think i'll give it a try. I've been starting to write down some food ideas because the last thing I want is for the kiddies to have little to no variation to their daily lunches. My plan is to come up with a few lunch ideas and throw it in a calendar so either T and I can pack their food the night before. I think now that I'm responsible for providing foods for the little ones i'll be making much more use of my crock pot, especially over night so I can scoop the warm foods right into the thermos'. I'm actually getting excited with the thought of packing little bentos for the boys!!

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