Thank God I'm Back At Work

A three day weekend should be fun and eventful. Or at least one should look forward to it. By early Saturday afternoon all I wanted was to go back to work. Unless you've been living under a rock Southern California has been a hot. Hot! Hot! Hot! I felt like I spent my weekend in a woodburning oven or something. We tried our darndest to keep cool and keep our minds off the heat. The kids felt. Oh they totally felt it. They didn't want to move. K especially just wanted to hang out in his bedroom all weekend. I totally get what he was doing. We really didn't do much all weekend. As much as the beach would have been fun I'm sure everyone else already beat us there. We were going to stay at the beach condo but couldn't get the keys in time. We survived it and boy am I glad to be back at work.

The cleanse is going great. Yesterday it officially kicked into high gear. I won't provide details but use your imagination and you'll probably be right or go to the website for graphic imagery. I'm warning you, if you just ate you best skip the website. I've also changed up my diet to include a lot more fresh produce and a lot more whole grains and I've stripped away most sugary drinks and snacks. I'm drinking more water per then I have in ages and I'm still drinking my daily double black americano every morning. I'm noticing a major change in my energy and mood and its more then positive. On top of that i'm sticking to my twice weekly gym appointment with my friend and occasionally going out for a brisk walk mile to two mile evening walk with the family a couple of times a week. In the next two weeks or so i'll be chaning up my gym routine a little bit sticking to cardio with my gym pal twice per week but also adding on twice per week weight/circuit training. I'm actually looking forward to adding the two extra days at the gym.

I'm finally on the tail end of Felicity Season 2. Wait, have I neglected to ever mention i'm watching Felicity from netflix. Yep I am. I never watched it on TV but have decided to go through all 4 seasons on DVD. I'll admit it i'm totally sucked in. But damn that Felicity can be so annoying sometimes. T is not thrilled to watch it but he's dealing. I'm also watching Miss Potter which I'm enjoying quite a bit. It's the story of Beatrix Potter. And last movie I watched was This Is England. It was what I expected. Pretty good stuff.

A couple of items on my to do list for the week:
Make a hair appointment, definitely need a trim
Try to make it for a manicure/pedicure
Renew auto insurance
update payment info with mobile company
clean floors!!!

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