Yesterday I got to work and realized my body was really stiff and rickety. I had a knotted muscle to the left of my armpit. I KNOW I slept all crazy and twisted cause K slept in bed with me. He likes to sleep horizontal while I enjoy sleeping vertical. That said, if I dare sleep on my back I run the risk of having toddler foot pushed up into my ribs, resting on my tummy, jammed into my neck or the best on my face with occasional spasm like kicks. So to avoid all of the above i'll decide to sleep on my side, typically on my right side, hence the crazy knot near my armpit. Since the kid is getting taller he know takes up more then 3/4 of the width of the bed which leaves me teetering on the edge and I have to contort myself to keep all my persons on the actual mattress. So yesterday I tried working out the knot throughout the work day, stretching and the sort. It was that I realized not only do I have this knot every inch of my body was just stiff. I'd sit up straight, really straightening my back and suddenly my back starts cracking. It felt fabulous! Then I'd start doing that head wobble thing you do when its stiff and *bam* it cracks. That felt great as well. However as the day progressed and my body kept snap, crackle and popping I just felt old. Old and stiff! That really sucked. I'm still a bit stiff this morning but doing better. If this continues I may need to look into a chiropractor maybe a quick adjustment will set me straight, no pun intended.

Today is the big day. Starting my new tattoo with Dennis. I spoke to him last night to work out some details so we should be good to go. I'm hoping we'll sit for maybe 3 hours today and if we're not done finish it in a shorter second session. I'm so super excited. I'll post pics of the outline. Speaking of which I need to post pics of T's which is now 50% shaded (the top half).

Since I'm bailing outta here really super early I need to motor on my work. Ciao.

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