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Yesterday afternoon we gave notice to the kids school director that this will be their final week. Yeah, not much notice. There have been numerous little issues that we've dealt with. Nothing to do with their safety or level of care. The kids love their school. K being in preschool has learned so much. The teachers are sweet, caring, loving. The problem we have is with the Director/Owner. She was inconsistent with her rules and policies which made it a pain in the ass. We reached whits end about a week and a half ago. One of K's ex-classmates mentioned to me that she was moving her child in September so she brought me brochures and such and even said 7-other kids from the school was at the new place. Luckily when we called the new place we immediately got a walk through and lo and behold there was 1 opening in K's class group and 1 in V's class group. This morning i picked up all the enrollment forms and they start on Monday! I know they will love their new school.

What else is new??? Oh, the best news ever. I finally have a mommy friend here! I mean i have friends with kids but beyond our children and sometimes even our children and work there is no other common bond. But this new mommy is just like me. We have so many common interests, personality wise we're so similar, she has two munchies like me and she lives relatively near by. If i didn't trade in my X5 we would have matching cars! I met her through T. T met her hubby at a convention in Florida this summer and we finally had some time to go over to their place. T and the hubby are like two peas in a pod as well. The thing I really like is business wise T and O deal with the same content but in different ways so its nice to have a friend that knows what kind of stuff T deals with since she's got the same thing going on with her man. Yeah!!!!! I'm so excited I can't even really put it in words.

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