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I'm getting so much better with this clenase thing. At first taking all those anti-parasite, veggie pills were making me gag! I gagged after each pill it was disgusting. And that was with only 2 pills. Now i'm taking 4 pills and barely a gag, maybe once every two days. Not bad. The drink is now a double dosage of mix and nearly the same amount of liquid, my choice 100% apple juice. And after the first 10 days its finally in full affect. Its totally gross but i'm feeling so much better. A lot of bloat is gone, energy has been regained and having seen the grossness i'm much more concious of what goes into my body. Blach!

I had the opportunity to speak to one of my oldest friends yesterday. Not that this is a monumental event or anything, but it had been about a month since we last touched base. He baby is about 11 months and I couldn't believe she took him camping! How fun is that. I suppose it would be easier to take a non/semi mobile baby camping then one that is full on walking around. She said it was a blast and looking at some pics it looked super beautiful. That's the Pacific Northwest for ya.

I used to live in Washington, maybe I've mentioned that before. Olympia, Washington to be exact. I moved there for college. I thought it would be amazing to go to a school that didn't dish out grades but rather "evaluations." I lasted 10 days and wanted out. I couldn't take it. Althgouht my program was amazing (you take programs not classes) I needed structure. I wanted grades. I dropped out. Needless to say my parents were pissed. Not because I dropped out but because I dropped out the day after 90% refund cut off day. I still feel guilty about it. Anyway I dropped out of that school. Funny thing as seniors in highschool i mentioned the school to my friend and totally hyped it up casue I was so excited about it. She applied as well, but I delayed a year cause I wasn't ready for college, and she got in and eventually graduated from there. Anyway, after dropping out I took the semester off and begrudgingly got a part-time job. When january rolled around I enrolled in the jr. college that T was attending. Ahhh....classes. Structure. And no hacky sack fridays! I enjoyed the jr. college. I never did get an AA from there though, I was 1 english class short but I didn't care. T had gotten his AA and by that time I was just ready to leave the Northwest. You see at the time there were a number of factors that made me dislike the area. One was the constant we weather. The nature bugged as well, yeah, I don't really know why. Seattle wasn't to appealing to move to and my friends were getting a bit to crazy for us to deal with. Seriously, not regular drama, but friends were dying, going to jail and just getting a bit to aggro and I knew that I wanted to finish college and get a degree and being around these peeps just wouldn't allow for that. We up'd and split at the soonest opportunity available. We took off for Chicago. I attended University of Illinois-Chicago for Graphic Design and T attended Illinois Institute of Technology for Architecture-home to Mies Van Der Rohe. God I loved and still love Chicago. I dont' know if I would want to live there again but I would totally buy a home there to go and hide out for months at a time. The city is vibrant, industrial and hip. The architecture and design world is thriving there. The food is amazing. Prior to having my babies Chicago was definetly the best times of my life. I saw, felt, touched, listened and just experienced many adventures. I made good friends with nearly no drama. College was amazing. I have friends taht say "Oh I want to go to NYC" I tell them NYC is awesome as hell but Chicago is right there with them. The Second City. Chicago has many similarities to NYC not as much to LA thats for sure. I dont' know maybe its me. My Chicago was way awesome! My experiences were mine and would love for others to experience what I did but to recreate that would be almost impossible. How i miss Chicago. T will be landing there in about an hour. Although he won't be staying just hopping another flight i'm jealous! I need to set up some time to visit. November would be awesome, cold and crisp my favorite! Gotta make some time to visit the old stomping grounds! Now I forget where I was going with all this but oh well.

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