First Look

Later this morning T and I will be taking the kids on a walk thru of their new school. They'll be able to meet their teachers, visit their classrooms and check out the facility (the park like play structures will totally win them over). I'm super excited for them to check it out what I'm not super excited is handing over much dinero for October tuition, 2 earthquake kits and 2 enrollment fees!

Last night I was talking to my favorite mom at the current daycare. She knew I was thinking of moving the boys and I told her that Friday will be their last day. She seemed bummed. I suggested she give the new place a call. Since her daughter will be starting the early preschool program in June she's going to try and get on the wait list. She and her daughter will be what I miss most about their school. I mentioned that even though we're leaving we can still make plans for playtime or coffee. She was really thrilled I brought that up. She said she didn't have much friends her daughter's age let alone with parents she actually gets along with. So when I pick up the kiddo this evening I told her I'll leave her a note with my number and email. I read a great article the other day. It was about how when you have a child your friendships change and meeting other moms is hard. And how she made the mistake of forcing friendships because of kids yet there was always an emptiness. And it isn't until you find that special mom that can relate to you that you feel fulfilled. I can so relate. I work full time so I don't really have the luxury of all these play group/meetup/gymboree things that go on during the work day. I'm not bitter about, I enjoy working. What I am frustrated about is how difficult it is to meet people. I've done the whole, "hey our kids are the same age, we should get together." That's fine and dandy but it can be a little disheartening when all you have to talk about with the other mom are your kids and child rearing. I've yearned for mommy friends whom I can talk about things like fashion/marriage/concerts/movies etc... and of course our kids and child rearing. In the past year I've had Emily but we never really did anything outside of school but we always had great talks and now I also have Mai whom I find strangely like myself right down to the diaper bag ! Things are looking up. I think any of the stress or frustration of not feeling whole will be fulfilled. I've been looking for those great friendships. Where we can drive to each others homes, let the kids play while us moms can vent, laugh and giggle together.

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  1. It's definitely hard to meet other cool moms. I've made a few mommy friends here in Albany... and while I don't think I'll ever be "besties" with any of them, we do have enough in common that we are able to talk about things other than kids. It helps that they all are my neighbors! T and I really picked the right street when we bought this house. Five families (incl. us) on the same block, all first-time parents, kids all born within the same year.

    I do want to make new "mom friends," but I hate the fake conversations that happen at the playground or mommy & me classes. I've never been good with b.s. like that.

    Glad you've finally found some cool ladies...