Have I ever mentioned that Wikipedia is my absolutely favorite site on the Web? God I love it! You can pretty much find information on anything and everything. Now since its a wiki you gotta take it with a grain of salt but still it informational. Today I looked up Pablo Escobar. Why? Because I started re-watching Season 2 of Entourage where they talk to Ari about wanting to do Medellin.

On Monday night Mom and I had dinner at Ketchup. It was yums! The menu is filled with lots of comfort foods. Kobe burger sliders, kobe beef chili dogs, surf and turf, sloppy joes, lots of yumness! Mom had something called The Brooklyn which was a filet and mashed potatoes, I had the sloppy joe and we split the giant ice cream sandwich. OMG it was so good. Little did we know train wreck spears was dining across the street!

Mom headed back home on yesterday. I made sure the kids were awake to see her off. After school they were wondering where she was. Now K really wants us to take him back to Hawaii. Soon very soon.

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