Weekend Catch Up

they never really appear like that in real life. I wanted to check out neighborhoods and stuff. One house that i'm curious about is a post war, mid-century post and beam home. It definetly needs an external paint job but its pretty cool. I'm considering callig our agent to take us to look at it. It's totally withing our price range, actually less then we thought we would have to pay. T isn't in love with the street/neighborhood not because its bad more because he expects more then where it is. Actually it reminds me of the sub-division my parents live in. Most of the homes in the area were constructed during the same period and a majority of the homes are all mid-century in style. We'll see where we go with this one but we're still on the hunt.

I woke up with major bags under my eyes. I looked like such a mess! I thought I got enough sleep but maybe my body needed more. I'm debaint doing a cleanse. I'm feeling gross and sluggish and just bloated. I think this will help. I've been researing about different types of cleanses online. I know T wants to do it to so I want to talk with him about it so if I need to order anything I can do it all at once. Any suggestions?

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