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This weekend was pretty laid back. I think we all had a good time. As usual we were up bright and early on Saturday. Once I was able to pull myself out of the comfort of my bed I made the kids some breakfast (1 waffle each, 1 scrambled egg each and half a banana each) then made mine and T's breakfast (egg whites omelettes w/cheese mushrooms and salsa). We continued to lay around with the kids and finally were out of the house around 945am. Our trip for the day was Underwood Family Farms. It's about 45 minutes away from our place, in Moorpark, but there was a big 'ol crash in the middle of the freeway somewhere near calabasas which really slowed things up. Anywho we made it to the farm and the weather was nice the kids were excited and we were ready to roll. Underwood is a real working farm and so much more. There's a produce market, lots of activities for kids: petting zoo, lots of animals which kids can feed, pony rides, haystack rides, tractor pull/rides, moon bounce, hay mazes, train ride, wooden play structures, giant haystack pyramids that can be climed, this insane above head platform structure thing that the goats climb and roam about and the best part their farm is a U-Pick farm. After visiting with all the animlas and a tractor ride we grabbed our big wagon (the farm has lots of wagons for everyone) we headed out into the farm field to pick some veggies. The kids really got into picking the green beans and wading through the "jungle" as K phrased it. We picked so many items: summer squash, zucchini, yellow was beans, green beans, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, an assortment of bell peppers and eggplant. I really wanted to pick some sunflowers but my big vase was already in use and although we picked and ate some raspberries we didn't buy any. From the produce market we also bought a half flat of juicy red strawberries! Of course before leaving for the day we let the kids unload a bit more steam to tire them out for the ride home.

We were invited to a housewarming/birthday party on Saturday and conveniently it was located in Simi Valley right next to Moorpark. But...the party started at 3pm and we were leaving the Farm around 1pm. We were hungry and really sweaty and dirty. We decided to headhome, feed the kiddos and get cleaned up and head to the party around 4-430pm Well things didn't quite turn out that way. K fell asleep half way home and continued to sleep until 4ish. By the time he woke up and ate his lunch we were all pooped. I mean it was a long drive back to Simi Valley. We decided to skip it. No biggie, I'm sure we weren't missed since there were so many people attending. Plus I was a bit sketched on going because they have a pool and and NO fencing.

Yesterday was heavenly. We lounged around at home. Played with the kids and what not. Although I should have used the day to clean! But that can wait until today. Around 4 we finally got outta the house. I needed to head down to High Voltage to drop off some artwork for my new tattoo. I'm super psyched that i'll be starting the new peice on 9/12. I was almost taken aback (?) when I walked in to the shop. I knew what it was gonna look like since I've watched the show but apparently the weekends are walk in work only so there were a lot of uhm...lookiloo's or so it seemed waiting around. I met with Dennis, set up my appointment, left my artwork and left. T's glad my appointment isn't for 3-weeks I think he would be pissed if I got in really soon and finished up before his second sitting. I'm not in a hurry plus I wouldn't be finished in 1 session anyway.

Okay I know there have been other blogs writing about this but I finally caught up on the DVR and got to set with the kiddos and watch Yo Gabba Gabba. What a super fun show. It's actually pretty fantastic, i'm not gonna lie. And they have all kinds of guests from Elijah Wood, The Aquabats and Tony Hawk. I'm sure outside of kids lots of stoners are loving it. T and I easily become transfixed to this show. I can't quite explain it so I'll just post a clip!

Here's The Aggrolites on Yo Gabba Gabba

Party In My Tummy

The Aquabats

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