Tired and Drained

Jury duty is officially over. Six weeks of the summer spent at the LA Superior Court. Sweet! I found serving jury duty on an actual trial to be such a learning experience. It was very interesting. In the end we ruled in favor of the defense and although the situation is saddening we ruled what the evidence led us to. I feel like we were fair but I feel a little bit torn up inside. I know that was totally vague, oh well.

Okay, technically I was to report back to WORK on Thursday but was not mentally prepared to do so. I emailed my boss and requested Thursday and Friday off to unwind from my highly exhausting week. He obliged so I'm chillin at homie home with my mom. Yep mom's here. She arrived on Tuesday night since T was taking off for Miami on Wednesday morning. So its just me and the mom. We're at home this morning and are planning on hitting Robertson and Melrose in a little bit. I'm hoping Fred Segal won't be to busy cause I want to swing by the cafe for lunch.

This is going to be short. I'm not to coherent right now. More later.

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