Things Are Returning To Normal

Things at work are falling back into place for me. I really don't like that it doesn't feel as though I was MIA for six weeks. I mean really what's up with that? But being back in the thick of things is good. I'm busy. The work days fly by. And again, free coffee.

Last night took advantage of my mom being here and went out to dinner. There are so many places we've been dying to go to. We decided on Canele which is right down the street in Atwater Village. Canele is a small, cozy and very Westside restaurant. I've been reading nothing but great things about the place so it had been high on my checklist of places to check out. The menu is small but totally perfected. We had on of the nightly specials appetizers with consisted of a prociutto type ham, a cheese, toast, dates and seasoned almonds. For dinner I had the oven roasted pork chop, garlic mash potatos and cabbage & turnip appleslaw (yum!). T dined on the pan seared red snapper with italian peppers, heirloom tomatoes and cracked olives. We shared the peach cobbler for dessert. Upon leaving we were each given a canele to munch on. We didn't have a reservation so I was afraid we weren't going to be seated. Most reviewes I read mentioned how crowded the place was on week nights. And when we left there wasn't an empty seat in the house. Soon after we got there Sandra Oh (sideways and greys anatomy) showed up. Like a few other guests she had to wait on the outside bench for a table! I would highly, highly recommend this restaurant to all of you.

Tonight I'm thinking of taking mom out to dinner. I have figured out where but its between Dusty's (which I have been to and think is great) or Blairs. I'll have to examine Blairs restaurant a bit more to decide.

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