So To Speak

  • Although Jolie has been on vacation this week I've been good and worked out on our regular days
  • I've changed my diet. I need to be more healthy and I've committed myself to the change
  • I haven't had Diet Coke, or any other soda, all week
  • Today I started a clense. I ordered the kits for T and I and today is Day 1
  • I buzzed the kids hair on Wednesday night. They're not bald, just have really short hair
  • Gonna try to make it down to see my tattoo guy this weekend. Exciting!
  • The worse thing about summer in SoCAl is the ants!!! They are everywhere and you can't leave anything out! My kitchen counters has been bleached more times then I can count!
  • The temps have dwindled down a bit. Now no more sweating when popping down from my desk to the commissary.
  • My co-workers are having a housewarming/1st birthday for their son. Need to go to Iron and buy him a shirt with a Slayer iron-on.
  • Word Out

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