Saturday Morning

Last night the kids went to bed nice and early. I took advantage of the time and perused some movies and decided to curl up in my really cold bedroom and watch The Bourne Ultimatum. Half way through the movie K woke up, it was only 1030pm. I took him to the living room, put on The Good Night Show to watch Jakers. He was out within a few minutes. However after I set him out and then brought out my computer, the noise cancelling Bose headphones and continued with The Bourne Ultimatum. I've seen all the Bourne movies and they're pretty good. This one was by far the best one.

Right now K is watching Underdog on my other laptop. He seems to be enjoying it when the dog is onscreen but seems to lose interest when there's to much people talking. Not surprising since this isn't a cartoon.

Today will be fun filled. First is an unplanned jaunt to Pasadena to pick up T's wallet which he forgot at work. Then we'll eat and head over to Griffith Park for the train ride. Then its the Tofu Festival baby. I'm really excited. I think the kids will have a blast. As this is tied to Nisei week in Little Tokyo there will be other activities for kids tied to the weekly events. I'll tell more about it later.

Last night I asked K how school was and he said that Miss Josepheine gave him time out. I asked why he said that he got time out for blowing bubbles. I figured he must have taken a bottle of bubbles from the classroom and played with them when he wasn't suppose to. Fast forward to this morning. K is laying next me and he says look mommy, look what i can do. He slowly starts opening in his mouth and makes a giant spit bubble. I asked where he learned to do that and he said school then I asked what was he even doing? he says, blowing bubbles. Then it occurs to me maybe this is what he was talking about so I ask, Is this why Miss Josepheine gave you time out. He said yes! So he's blowing spit bubbles at school and the lil one is occasionally biting his classmates. F*cking wonderful! I'm not going to justify the biting but at least he isn't the only one. The trend seems to be when the kids snatch toys from one another and become upset. I don't know, maybe its cause most of the kids in the toddler class don't speak so this is how they get out their anger? I don't know?

On Wednesday T started his new tattoo. He came home with the outline finish. Some of the images on the inside of his arm will be done freehand but we know what'll be there. I'll have to take a pic of the outline and document the process for him. I wish that was done for me as I was getting my arm done. Oh well. The tattoo is looking great and he is super thrilled about it as he has waited so long to do this. I'll let him put it on his Myspace page...awwwwww.

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