Pointless Rambling

Have I already mentioned i'm starting my new tattoo in 3-weeks? Well, I am. And I'm sooooo looking forward to it. The last time I got tattooed was a few years ago and they were on my on each of my pinkies. That said I've decided to put my purse desire on hold for a little bit. I'm sure that coupled with the fact that nearly all stores are sold out of the one I want makes T super happy. Hell, I even had my mom check prices at two shops in Hawaii and they were sold out as well. But I'd like to point out besides sales tax only being 4% the prices in Hawaii at most luxury type stores are considerably less then here. Strange, huh? Anyway new purse will have to wait cause I want to get my tattoo.

T will be doing a bit of travel in the next few weeks and its a bit irksome. When he took this job I knew he was going to travel but he made it seem like it was "every so often" which I take to mean one thing and it obviously means something else to him. He has a daytrip this week, no biggie. But after that its just redonks! He doesn't blink and eye. When mom is here to help me out I can keep my sanity in check however in excess of a certain amount of days with the kids it kinda gets to me. They are small curious little boys and its tough to find time to shower, cook etc....I refuse to go on an all take out diet when T is gone. I digress for a bit. Okay next week he's away for a few days then Mom will be here when he goes to Curacao but a week and a half after that he wants to go to NYC for a week. I told him that was a bit much espeically cause my mom won't come back to help. I"ve been trying to stomach the thought of just saying f*ck it and doing it on my own. The thing is I don't know if T even understands how I feel cause he hasn't even spent a single night alone with the kids. Don't get me wrong the boys are actually better behaved when its just them and me but it is still exhausting, Im lacking quite a bit of sleep and I can't do much until they go to bed. It's just tiring, that's all I'm saying. I don't know, I'm trying to negotiate a couple days off his NYC trip because I don't understand why he needs to go for the entire conference. Really, he likes to "pad" his trips just in case he needs time. I'm not into that. It's times like these that living near family would be nice. I've had to articulate that just cause he's boss' wife doesn't care how much he travels she doesn't work AND has a full time nanny to "help" her, its a bit different for us. More to come on the travel time line...we're still in negotiations.

K has finally broken through the potty barrier at school. They've been taking him everyday but there was so much hesitation on his part that he wasn't really "feeling" it and would go after he had his pull ups back on. Yesterday the teacher said he finally decided to go at school, a couple of times. Thank goodness. My co-workers son will only go at home, nowhere else. If they go out he holds it until they go back home. Eeeeekkk. I don't want K to do that. he's cool at home, not consistent, but he goes. Now that he's starting to go at school I feel like we may progress more positively with the potty training. Most of my co-workers with little boys said the breakthrough came when they started going to the potty at preschool. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm hoping we get this nailed soon. I dream of the day of buying pullups/diapers for just one kid!!! For home we no longer do potty presents, it was just to damn costly. Now we've moved onto a calendar and everytime he goes he gets a star and if he gets so many (we haven't quite figured out how many is the happy medium) stars by the weekend he can choose a small toy from the store. However if he does the No. 2 he can have a toy immediately we figure that's a big enticing gift for him because he's terrified of doing that in the potty. If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, tricks please, please, please share.

Now let me resume with my strawberries and cottage cheese.

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