It's Thursday...So Soon!

I can't believe the work week is nearly over. Time surely flys. Anyway today Mom and T are taking K to see Go Diego Go Live and the Kodak Theater. Those of you not from California, that's the theater that the Oscars are held at. He's super excited and has been talking about it for the last month. Can't wait to hear about their afternoon later today.

V on the other hand has been beserk lately. The last of his teeth (not including the 2 yr molars) are coming in. His gums are so big and puffy and he is just unruly. I remember K would just get feverish and uncomfortable. V doesn't get feverish just completely and utterly mental! At least the end is in sight. I feel so bad for him. Although I do everything I can to ease his pain it just doesn't seem like enough. As a result of the teething his appetite has been such a rollarcoaster. There are days he scarfs down everything in site and others when he only wants a liquid dinner. So far with the food, cold fruit seems to be a sure fire win with him. I'm sure the coldness takes the edge off the pain and i'm glad it food in his tiny little belly.

A couple weeks ago T met with Jason to finally get started on the sleeve his been talking about forever. Jason has had a few weeks to do some sketches so T popped into the shop yesterday to check on the progress. He's getting a full asian-style sleeve. He didn't have a totally clear idea until he had met with Jason so he seemed pretty please. He kinda described what it will look like to me but I don't have a totally clear picture so I'll be surprised. His first sitting is next Wednesday. Now some of you may already know but I had been on a "tattoo ban" for the last couple of years. I think the last tattoo I got was the stars on my pinkies. Small and to me that barely counts. About the ban. Yeah, T felt the need to enforce a ban as I was squeezing in a bit to much tattoo time in comparison to him. The thing was in Chi-Town I was friends with a few artist that gave me good deals so I jumped at the chance and allocated my funds to ink. T was a bit more frugal with his funds and could never decide what he wanted. Thus over the years I have acquried a bit more tattoos then he has and he wanted to put his foot down. I entertained him and obliged to the ban. No biggie, I'm in no hurry. But now that he has a drawing, left a deposit and has a start date, I think my ban has lifted. I emailed my tattoo guy, who I knew back in chi-town but was never tattooed by him until we all ended up in Cali. So I emailed Dennis and asked him about coming in to talk about doing my right forearm. Unfortch he's no longer at the old shop and is now working at High Voltage which is Kat Von D's new shop and home base for her new show LA Ink. Kinda cool, I suppose. He was so funny he was like there's a line down the street everynight so you'll have to call me when you get here and i'll come outside to get you! Can you fucking believe that!!!! A fucking line. I'm hoping to see him either Friday or Sunday night, discuss the image I want and leave my deposit. I've been dying for a religious tattoo forever and i'll be including a Nietzsche quote with it. Don't won't to divulge to much just yet. But when all is said and done I'll post a picture. Needless to say I'm totally excited. T seems bummed that I'm able to see Dennis right away. Dennis doesn't really know T so he had a hard time setting up anything with him. I feel bad...but not that much. :)

Today I decided to wear my black Libertine hiedi style dress with flats and a cropped short sleeved plaid jacket. So i'm sitting at my desk right now and this dress hikes up so much. I swear sitting its about an inch maybe two inches away from totally exposing the girl box. Thank god I have no meetings today. And Thank god I wore black boy cut undies. I just gotta pray that there will be no reason to bend down to pick anything up today, then i'll really be in trouble.

ps. K slept in last years spiderman halloween costume!

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  1. I completely relate. Piper's working on the 2-yr molars now and she's been pretty mental as well. Whiny and clingy. Sporradic eating. She is contantly saying "mouth hurts!" I feel so bad for her. I'm not really into the gum-numbing medicine (or any medicine, unless it is 100% necessary), so she's mainly been toughing it out. The damn teeth probably won't even cut thru/come in for another couple months. Joy.