It Aint Over....Till Its Over

My mom's stay here is coming to an end. She'll be heading back to the land of Aloha tomorrow morning. I can't believe how quickly two weeks went by. We had fun. I honestly think she may have gotten a little bit bored last week. But we made the best of it and its not like she'll be away long; she'll be back in about 6-weeks. Today K is staying home with her. This morning he kept telling me he was going to "play hookey" and stay home with Tutu. Is the phrase "playing hookey" a national thing or just a Hawaii phrase?

My mom spent Saturday hanging out with her friends. They had brunch at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena and then strolled through the town: shopped and ate. T and I and the kids packed up and headed out to Santa Monica for the Barney's New York Warehouse Sale. It was awesome and we bought a ton of stuff. T bought 3 pairs of jeans and some Hugo Boss shirts and I bought 3 dresses and a nice thin long sleeved shirt. I picked up a pair of shorts for V. I opted out of any purses or shoes seeing as though there was nothing that I really loved. I'm wearing the Marc Jacobs dress I bought at the sale today. I think its really cute but I wore a short sleeved tee underneath so as not to show to much skin and to cover up the hideous tattoo on my back. I found a pic of the dress, here it is. Looking at the sale price on that site really makes me laugh since I paid a fraction of that.
After the sale we walked up to the Airport Park to let the kids unleash some energy. They were so good and patient while we shopped the warehouse sale that taking them to the park was the least we could do. We headed home after that, ate some lunch and just relaxed. Mom didn't come home till late and by the time we put the kids to sleep we were to whopped to do anything.

Sunday we decided to check out the Rose Bowl flea market. Although it was a little hot we had a great time. We walked through the brand new/crafty stuff first, skipped through the more antiquey stuff and hopped over to the collectibles (some may say "junk") stuff which is my favorite. Tons of great vintage and retro stuff. My mom picked up this really cool vintage Hawaiian shirt for my dad. It has a christmas theme and its so unique cause all the little images are these great family christmas scenes. I picked up a brand new pair checkerboard Vans for V, which got K all pissy cause I didn't buy him any shoes. What else did we get....a few other things as well. And yesterday I introduced the kiddies to gummy worms and my god did they gobble it up. Actually V did, K had more fun playing with his worms.

Later that night T and I headed out for a 7pm reservations at Blairs. T ordered the roasted halibut with veggies and sliced chorizo and a side chopped salad. I ordered the risotto with butternut squash, collared greens and applewood smoked bacon. For dessert we shared a milk chocolate creme brule which had a perfectly burnt top. Seriously I think I could have eaten a little bowl of burnt sugar topping. If I had to compare Blairs and Canele...I think I would reccommend Canele first. Both were fabulous but, personally, I preffered my meal and Canele a bit more.

Tonight mom and I are going to Ketchup for dinner. That is if I can nab a reservation. Okay problem solved, the restaurant uses OpenTable reservations and I just made and confirmed my reservation. I'll let you all know how it goes.

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