Business As Usual

Back to work today.

1) Faxed Jury Duty paperwork to Payroll so they can deduct my measly $15/day from my paycheck so I don't get paid twice.

2)Attended a big meeting at the hotel next door with the big guns presenting.

3)Retold the trial saga numerous times

4)Did some work that I had "laying around"

5)Busted out with short sleeves (which i nearly never do) cause i just don't give a shit anymore

6)Guzzled free coffee and complained under my breath at how much money I had given Starbucks over the course of the last 6-weeks

7)Decided against responding to the HR Director at Disney/ABC. Not really hating my job right now.

8)Amazed at how being back for one day didn't feel like I was gone at all!!!

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