Summer Cold

I know have my annual summer cold. So wonderful, especially in court. I got rid of the soar throat pretty quickly, lots of water and lots of throat coat. Now i have the gross cough and slight congestion. I'm doing my best to heal myself. Resting when i'm home and lots of fluids. I've taken to not feeding the kids since when i do while im sick I end up getting them sick. T's been sleeping in the kids room so he doesn't catch my cold. We're really trying not to spread this one through the house.

I've decided to return the Libertine formal bolero. As vintagey and as cute as it is I really don't think I will wear it. By the way I also bought the dress in the picture, which is incredibly cute. I'm also debating if I should return one of the tops I bought. I bought the two bow tops, the red stripes and the silky cream one. I love the striped top but the silky one....I haven't decided yet. I'll hold on to that one a little longer and decide at a later date.

I'm watching that John and Kate plus 8 show. I think I would lose my mind if had 6 two year olds. the 2 six year olds isn't to bad, I would assume they would be a little more self serving but 6 two year olds....... There are already days i'm walking a really thin line with a 3 and 1.5 year old.

Is Jons Marketplace a California thing? Ive noticed it in a State Farm commercial and a Moby video. I'm thinking it was used because its so generic looking. Anyone shop there? I think I may have stepped in once and got a bit freaked out. I'm sure it has to adhere to the same health codes as other markets but still, freaked me out! Lots of Russian/Eastern Euro drinks and snacks. Produce is dirt cheap and i'm okay with that. Meats on the other hand, well, i'm a bit pickey about where I buy meat. Fish for example I will only by from Whole Foods. I'm just overly pickey.

We were excused from court at 930am on Monday. The trial isn't over we were let out early since one of the jurors was injured over the weekend and was going to a chiropractor. So I came home anticipating a nap and an afternoon viewing of Harry Potter. But like a dummy I got the laptop out and started checking email which led to doing some work and then around 1-ish I drove over to the MANN theaters for Harry Potter. Loved it! However as all book adaptations I was crushed that so much was missing. I know it'll be condensed but I love the story so much that I would have loved to see all of it on film. I'm just happy I went to see it, finally. The previews were pretty good as well. The Golden Compass looks great and I think I want to read the books first.

Okay abruptly cutting this short...just realized I need to head outta here in a few for jury duty.


  1. I'm so glad you were finally able to see Harry Potter! I've been waiting to tell you that I Loved it! I have never read the books so I don't have anything to compare it to, so maybe it was even that much better for me since I'm pretty much oblivious to the story. Anyway yeah it was goood!

    I'm sorry to hear that you are sick! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I think Jon's is a SoCal thing because I've never seen them any other place besides Los Angeles.

    During the supermarket strike, I went there once to shop and I vowed never to set foot in one again because you're right. They're kinda scary.