It's been a week!

A week has gone by already. So let's see.....

Tuesday 7/3/07-Jen, Shawn and "kids" arrived. I actually expected them later then the 745am they showed up at my house. I guess I underestimated the speed of the
airport peeps. It was nice that they arrived the day before the holiday since the kids were in school. We chilled out for the greater part of the morning. After lunch Jen and I headed downtown for some cheapo shopping. We were only down there for maybe 2 hours before all the vendors started to shut down. I was a little bit panicked cause my sitter was showing up at 7pm and I didn't know if we were going to have time to shower and dress for dinner. I wanted to make sure we were ready to go soon after the sitter arrived since I am paying for that time. I think we got home around 6pm and it was a total marathon. Since Jen was dressed she was kind enough to get V fed and make K's food while I dressed. The guys took 5 minutes to dress but I was so sweaty and gross I had to carve out 5 minutes to hop into the shower. Luckily we were ready to roll when the sitter arrived. We decided to have dinner at Velvet Margarita which was fab. After dinner we did a quickie drive through Hollywood and headed to The Dresden Room in Los Feliz, but it was closed! We decided to do a quick stop at Big Foot Lodge since we still had the sitter for another hour.

Wednesday 7/4/07-We went to a wonderful 4th of July parade in Pacific Palisades. For a community parade I expected something a lot smaller but this thing was pretty darn big and Pat Boone was the grand marshall for christ's sake. The drive was long but super pretty and I hope Jen and Shawn took in some nice sites. After the parade we headed home and had some BBQ ribs for dinner. It was so relaxing and low key.

Thursday 7/5/07- Jen and Shawn took off. They were driving to Houston, their big move from Hawaii. For T and I it was back to the same-o same-o which is work and jury duty.

Friday 7/6/07-K's THIRD birthday!!!!! I was let out of court early so I headed to the party store and did some major Power Ranger decorating around the house. T came home early and we stopped by Yummy's for some delish cupcakes then brought the kiddos home. We let K in first and he was floored! He started laughing and spinning and stomping and singing happy birthday for himself and almost immediately dug into his moutain of presents! it was perfect!

Saturday 7/8/07- we got up super early. Much earlier then we anticipated. Since the kid were in a good mood and boucning off the walls we headed out to Norms on La Cienega for breakfast. The kids gobbled everything up, we were shocked. After that we headed back to our neck of the woods and went to the zoo (gotta make use of the membership). It was hot but we went straight to the animals the kids love seeing, i.e. giraffes, elephants, zebras and chimps. We spent the remainder of the day at home.

Sunday 7/9/07-House hunting and errands. We checked out a few houses and 2 are really stirring up some interest between the Hubs and I. One has a guest house bigger then my current house and the other has a pool! I don't think one outweighs the other. We're planning on contacting our realtor to let us in so we can really check it out on our own time.

Today....Jury duty. It was fun but its getting a bit stale. Tomorrow will be the third day with the same witness and he is B.O.R.I.N.G. I'm having fun with my fellow jurors, a few of us go to lunch together pretty regularly. Interesting people which makes this whole experience worth it.

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