I'm Still Here

We had a huge break at jury duty today, 3.5 hours! Anyway, Matt and I walked around downtown. We wanted to check out some of the loft models but all the Sales offices opened at 11am it was barely 10.30. So we roamed around. Watched a movie being filmed (I think the new Wil Smith flick Hancock), checked out the new Ralphs and sat in the Macy's Plaza to chat. We had lunch at Wolfgang Pucks Gourmet Express which was super yummy, then headed to Starbucks for some cold drinks then reported back to court. It was hat and we sweated like pigs but it was nice to walk around and take in the sights.

So this weekend we looked at a few houses and attended the Y! summer picnic at Calamigos and the LA Equestrian Center. The kids had a blast!!!! I remember, pre-kids, that summer picnic was one big booze fest but as the years have past and a bunch, and I mean a huge bunch, of us have had kids within the same period the picnics have turned very family friendly which I appreciate. All the kids seem to be having a good time. I had a couple of beers which was nice, there's something so nice about a nice cold beer on a hot summer day. We used to do that a lot in Chicago. T and I found this weird little bar on Lincoln that had 50 cent beers on the weekend. We spent a bunch of hot and humid days there. Hanging out, drinking cold beer, playing pool and loading up the jukebox with some tunes. It was our secret place and never invited any of our friends to join us. We went there to chat and unwind on our own. Sometimes I miss those days but we're starting to re-capture those times as the kids are a bit more mellow now and we can hangout at home while they play outside and we pop the tops off of ice cold cervezas.

I was thinking about the end of jury duty and realized that its going to be so bizarre heading back to work. There's a part of me that doesn't want to go. I've become used to working from home but realistically that's not an option for me (I don't get much done working from home). I've been getting some emails from companies for PM jobs. The most interesting was from Toyota, which is kinda ironic considering the case i'm on. I'll probably take another past at job listings over the next few days.

Mom is coming into town on Tuesday. She'll be with us for 2 weeks, 5 of which T won't be here; he's headed off to Miami for a work thing. When he returns Mom will be taking K to the live Go Diego Go show at the Kodak Theater. He is so excited and has been gabbing about it for the past month or so. I believe T will take a day off to take K to Underdog. He's been begging for that as well. That'll be a good movie to introduce him to the lovely world of movie theaters. If memory serves me right they are planning to see it at the El Capitan, should be fun for the little guy. I feel bad like V is getting the shaft but in a year he'll be old enough to attend all these things too. Until then he'll be hanging with mom!

Okay i'm a little tired now.

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