I wrote this entry yesterday but didn't have the opporunity to publish until today:

Its 820am
Today is juror selection. What exactly am I suppose to wear? I figure black wide leg dress pants, blue "dressy tank", black "dressy" hoody and black converse is okay. Its 8am and hot, this was the best I could do. I was afraid traffic would slow mw down so I left home at 745 and took Glendale Blvd straight down. Its a straight shot you know? I got here in about 30 min. Parked at the Disney Concer Hall and walked to the courthouse. And now I wait.

Its 851am and I'm still waiting. Finally more jurors are arriving and we should be called into the courtroom shortly.

334pm still at court. Looks like I'm going to be a juror. I got called to the box just before 3. My boss is gonna love this news.

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