You would think being on jury duty would actually give me time to blog among doing many other things during the day. It doesn't. I feel just as crunched for time as though I were at work every day, maybe even worse. When I knew I was selected for jury duty I brought all my current projects home with me thinking I could get some work done in the evenings. Other then emailing someone for some screenshots I haven't even opened any of my documents. Thus I've decided next week I will take my laptop with me to jury duty so I can actually get some work done on our extremely long lunch breaks.

Jury duty is going okay. Sometimes boring. Sometimes interesting. Some of the "expert" testimony can get a bit exhausting because it is so technical and its hard to understand what the connection to the case is. It kind of builds up to that point but that "building up" is painful. The plaintiff's side isn't even finished yet. However our judge is really nice and giving us Monday and Tuesday before the 4th off. Luckily I was able to swing those days off from work so I won't need to be popping into the office.

Today one of the other jurors and I walked over to Chinatown for lunch. I couldn't believe how quick the walk was and even ordering take out, finding a spot for lunch and then walking back we still had 45 minutes before we would actually be let back into the courtroom. We decided to hit Olvera St. for lunch next week, yum!

I'm seriously looking forward to having the next 5-days off from work and trial. I have lots to do at home but I'm for sure carving out some relaxing "me time." I do need to do some cleaning since Jen and Shawn will be here on Tuesday morning. And I need to get the new patio table out from the garage.

Mom bought tickets for Go Diego Go at the Kodak Theater. She'll be here when the live show his Los Angeles and she wanted to take K since he's been talking about it for the last 3.5 months. She picked up a third ticket for either T or I since one of us (my guess T) will be going with her. K is super excited especially since he sees the commercials nearly every day. Speaking of K. He'll be 3 next week Friday. Geeeeesshhhh. I can't believe it. 3 years old already. He's been asking for presents left and right. The presents are always the same various Power Rangers and the Optimus Prime Transformers helmet thing. Although he doesn't know that its Optimus Prime, he just says Transformers helmet. Mom and dad bought him Rangers. K was smart about that. When he would talk to my dad he would ask for a specific Black Ranger and when he would talk to my mom he would ask for the same ranger but in blue. To top that off he already has the ranger he's asking for in red. So clever. He's been going to a lot of birthday parties recently, and even was invited to one tomorrow which I'll get to in a sec. Anyway, the parties. He now knows that kids have birthday parties. And there's cake and presents and jumpy castles. I want to throw him a party but it won't be until the end of the month or maybe even the first week of August. Things have just been super hectic recently and neither T or I have been able to call around for pricing.

So about this party tomorrow. It's for a little girl turning 4. Her parents went all out on the custom invitations. The thing is its a pool party which I think is a bit presumptuous especially since they are inviting ALL the kids from the pre-school which amounts to kids in the age range of 2.5 to 4.5. And a pool party of all things. Wow, that's a bit scary and since T is the Party Dad he would have to get in the pool with K which I think is one of th last things he wants to do at these parties. So we decided to skip this one. Yesterday when I picked K up the little girl came up to me and said, "IS K COMING TO MY PARTY OR NOT???" Very sassy of course. I looked down at her and smiled and said, I don't know, its his dad that will decide since he would be taking him. She let out a big huff and sigh and stomped away. Oh Well. Thats one less My Little Pony I need to buy this month.

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