Hectic - Adj.-Meaning Frantic

Today is gonna be one of those days. You know those days. Where there aren't enough hours in the day. Where you are completely flustered. Bustling about trying to go through your regular routine. On weekdays, I like routine. On weekdays, when I'm flying solo, I really like routine. Today will not be routine.

K's school, not V's school, is getting out early for the kindergarten's graduation. Thus I need to leave work at 2.30p in order to get their before 3p when they will be closing, sharp! K isn't graduating but the teachers and kids (with parents) need to head over to the other branch of the preschool/kindergarten for the ceremony. K's class are doing a little performance. I've been on the fence about going but I'll do it. I know K will love it I just hope he doesn't get clingy and not perform cause i'm there. V's school is open all day. So this is what I have to do. Leave work super early. Pick K up, kill sometime, pick up some Portos for the potluck they are having. Drive to the other school and get their before 4p when it starts. Stick around for a bit. Leave around 515p. Drive back to the main school and pick V up. Go home, clean, feed, hangout with kiddos. Bedtime. Mommy reads and then goes to bed.

I just wrapped up my double, black Americano. Working on creating a bunch of process docs. Listening to the new Tiger Army and trying to stress about my afternoon runaround session.

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