Busy & Tired

1. Been selected for jury duty and the trial started yesterday. It's expected to last 30-days. Looking forward to exploring downtown LA. Went to the MOCA last thursday during our hour and a half lunch.

2. Busy weekend. Saturday we went to the Discovery Science Center. The Sesame Street exhibit is still there and this time V really loved it (he was to small to really "get it" the last time we went.) Sunday was spent at the Studio City Farmers Market. The hours just fly by when we're there. Both kids loved the pony ride and K loved the swing ride. Picked up lots of fresh produce.

3. Since we put the canopies out back we spend a lot more time outside.

4. T hired two day workers to level out the backyard last week. It looks great! There's a giant root our gardener needs to remove. Actually he was suppose to remove it years ago when he removed the tree but it got buried with all the dirt and he forgot it was there. Bastard. Anyway T pretty much drilled that into him.

5. I order a pair of over dyed black jeans last week and just got notice today that the product was oversold and they refunded my money. Bastard!

6. One week until Jen and Shawn get here. Yeah!!!!!!!

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  1. I hope jury duty is going well. I look forward to the stories after all is said and done.