And Now The Baby's Sick

Good news, I am at the tail end of my sickness. Bad news the baby now has my cough, but it sounds a million times worse coming from someone 2-ft. tall! Poor guy. Although the cough seems worse then he feels. The kids crazy as normal but every now and then he lets out his roaring bark. T wanted to keep him home today but he was playing and laughing this morning. I said give him some Mucinex cough medicine and send him on his way. Explain to the teacher that the cough sounds bad but he seems fine and to call you if he starts feeling bad. Sometimes I feel guilty sending the kids off to school when they appear sick but trust me if there was a high fever, crankiness and boggers running down his face he would be at home right now. A cough is a cough.

I recovered pretty well. I was home for two days and took it easy over the weekend. I did have a fever, as well as aches, tiredness and a sore throat. Most of which is gone. I was good and avoided coffee and sugary drinks. Drank tons of teas, everything from Echinacea elder to throat coat to green tea. Drank a lot of water. I took care of myself, something I rarely do but am starting to do more often.

I'm back at work and had to work my ass off to catch up on two days of missed work. Most of which consisted of follow up emails to delegates from various work groups who were sort looped into my project. I think I tied up 99% of my loose ends and hopefully after today i'll be able to finalize my work. I know I'm vague but I don't think divulging my projects on a blog would be very smart.

T and I have been pretty good about keeping Chuck E. Cheese out of our kids vocabulary. For the most part they haven't seen any commercials for it so they didn't really know it even existed. However this weekend K was invited to his classmates (well 1 grade older) 4th birthday. It was at Chuck E. Cheese. Since K is my shadow I thought it would be good for T to take him and bond (and I could bond with V, which is probably why he is sick). After the party T and K met V and I at a park on Riverside Drive in Burbank. K had a blast. He came screaming and running over to me and told me about all the spiderman stuff in his goodie bag, and that Devin got a lot of spiderman gifts. And how he played and went crazy with all the games. T explained he was afraid of the giant mouse and really didn't want anything to do with him. Of course for the rest of the day and on Sunday we had to hear him say he wanted to go back to Chuck E. Cheese. Oh No! I'll save that as an excursion that Tutu and Papa can take him on.

After 4 days I finally got through The Departed. I didn't want to take 4 days to watch it but the only opportunity I have is after the kids go to bed, when I'm normally tired as well. Anyhow, I loved it. It deserved its Oscar. The kids enjoyed Arthur and the Invisibles, but I didn't watch it at all. And they could of cared less about The Muppets Take Manhattan, which I loved, loved, loved as a kid! Maybe in a few years they'll enjoy. I updated my Netflix list this morning. K's been asking to watch Wallace and Gromit and The curse of the Were Rabbit, so thats on there. I also bumbed up Stranger Then Fiction and Music and Lyrics. What else??? My Amazon book order arrived yesterday. I started in on a parenting book called Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood, which I decided will be my nighttime reading. I brought The Ominvore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals to work with me which will be my work book. And the last book, Atheist Universe: The Thinking Persons Answers to Christian Fundamentalism will replace the slot of which ever book is finished first. I don't know anyone who read any of these books and i just picked them based on reviews and its summary so wish me luck.

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  1. Glad you are all feeling better.

    My twin nieces had their 3rd birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Fortunately, Piper was sick so I went solo and didn't have to introduce it to her. I loathe it in there. When the big mouse came out, my nieces both started to scream and cry in terror. They are still talking about how afraid they were.

    I'm sure we'll have to go in there with Piper at some point, but I plan to procratinate as long as I possibly can!