Shave and Polish

On Monday morning I was able to get into the dentist to get my crown put back on. Luckily it was the permanent crown but the doc and affixed it with temporary cement thinking I may need a root canal on that tooth even though I told her there is zero pain! Okay, I get there we reconfirm that I have no pain and decide to put that darn crown on permanently. A mere hour and a half (ugh) later I was back at work. It felt so nice to have my shiny white crown put back on. This morning I went back in (at 7am no less) for her to check my bite, which felt fine to be but really wasn't. After a minute or two of shaving then a quick polish I was good to go. The dentist wanted me to schedule a deep clean and a few other things but I've maxed out my insurance so there is no way I'm going to pay out of pocket for something less then critical.

Yesterday after work we had a pre-summer BBQ. I stuck around for an hour, downed 2 Guinness', ate a hot dog and chatted with friends. It was nice to just relax in the cool breeze and chill with my amigos. I headed home around 5, showered and dressed. When T got home with the kids we were heading straight to Pasadena to pick up some noodles at Noodle World and so I could return a dress from H&M. I bought two dresses a couple of weeks ago, one I really love and wish I had it in every color the other is wonderful but it didn't fit around my ass very well. I think I have to much of a bubble butt for the cut of that dressed. Sucks! I was going to return the dress for another color of the dress I kept but they didn't have it, instead I got a cute black linen trapeze top with cute eyelet trim above the bust and on the straps. Cute, cute, cute!

I was chatting with Jen yesterday. She's moving to Houston in July but her flight drops her off here. Actually she's shipping one car here (the other directly to Houston), her pets are flying separately into LA and she and the hubby are catching a red eye into LAX. Since they get in around Fourth of July they are going to stick around a couple of days and hang with the Tbone and I. See the sites, eat some good food and for Jen and I shop. I'm super excited and I think this relives a lot of stress off her plans.

My toenails are still that coral color I had done in Hawaii. The nail polish is not even chipped and my little rhinestone heart still has all its little dots in place. That's some super duper top coat! I'm a bit over the heart and need to find some time to get my nails redone. I think I want to paint my toenails hot pink or fuschia and probably paint my a peachy tone. Hopefully next week I can sneak out of work for an hour so I can get my nails done, that would be ideal since it'll be less crowded at the nail salon.

I have a question for other blogger users. Does blogger have a built in spell check that underlines misspellings in red? Or is it just my computer? Can't quite figure it out.

Ive recently rediscovered Anti-Flag. Listening to them makes me feel 23 again (although I don't really feel much older ;). I remember seeing them in Chicago, my friend Brian was friends with them so we got to get in for free and it was a total blast. I'm glad I remember the night, pretty vividly actually, it was a good time. I have to many nights of Chicago that are a massive blur in my head. My mom recently asked me about that, to clarify she asked if I drank a lot during that time in my life (college) I told her I did, so much so that outside of school a lot of Chicago is blurry but I'll be damned it was the best time of my left. I rarely ever reached those highs here in LA (pre-offspring of course) I don't ever wished it did, but Chicago will definetly be a part of my life i'll never forget, unlike fucking Olympia. Phooey, phooey, phooey. Most of those friends either died or went to jail, and I'm so totally not kidding. And now I'm just rambling.

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