Pink Eye

We had a beer bash at work this afternoon. I stuck around with Jolie for some enchiladas and beer and then headed home, it was only 3pm. I got home, T and I were planning on dropping off some dry cleaning and visiting with the tailor to get some pants (and a dress) hemmed. Just as we were gathering our items my phones rings. I don't recognize the number and figured it had to be the daycare or my dentist. It was the daycare. The voice on the other end says V has pink eye. His eye is red and oozy and I need to come get him right away. We get our stuff together and immediately drive to the daycare. T goes in and gets him. V's eyes are a bit, not a lot, but a bit red and his got gross bits of puss in the corners. Since it was relatively early we decided to let K hang out a bit more at preschool while we ran few errands. Although V's eyes looked a bit gross he was happy as a clam (what exactly does that expression mean?)! Once the main errand was done we swung by Target to pick up some diapers and pediasure and swung back to the school to get K.

Tomorrow T is taking the little one to the Doctor to check out his eyes, get some drops if needed and to get the MMR he didn't get before going to Hawaii. Hopefully he checks out okay and he gets better soon!

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