Desert Calmness

I had the most amazing, peaceful, calming, adventourous, relaxing weekend. I fell in love with the desert! It's vastness is truly amazing. The sky was so big. The stillness of the land was baffling. The quiet! Oh the quiet!!!!

We rented a darling mid-century ranch out in 29 Palms from Friday through Monday. The house was situated on 15 acres and only 10 minutes from Joshua Tree National park. In fact the property overlooked the Eastern side of the park. The house was fully furnished with 2 bedrooms, bath, pool, hot tub, lots of outdoor patio space (not to mention satellite TV and highspeed internet).

The kids loved the openess and the ability to explore on a whim. We went hunting for pretty rocks on a daily basis. Many of the rocks and stones were of the quartz variety so the color and smoothness were magnificent. The kids went crazy at the site of jack rabbits and crazy looking lizards. Since we had lots of animal feeders around the property there was always an abundance of mini ground squirrels, road runners, various birds and something that looked like a Kangaroo Rat. We took the kids into both the pool and a low temp hot tub. They enjoyed the hot tub a lot more since they could stand on their own. We brought along our wagon so the kids loved going for rides along the property.

We spent a day at Joshua Tree which was really amazing and most of our time was spent exploring the insane rock formations at Jumbo Rock. We let the kids go crazy with the only instructions being not to stick their hands in any holes, don't touch the plants cause they are prickly and don't try to pick up any animals. They had a blast and quickly became confident climbing up and over all the rocks. K had a blast scaling the large mountains of rock and his little bro was never far behind wanting to copy him. The rocks provided enough traction so climbing up high was a cinch for the boys. Neither of them could not get enough. At one point we were part way up a moutain and staring out at all the Joshua Trees and the magnificance of everything around us and we saw a jack rabbit below. K went nuts, his smile went ear from ear. He quickly climbed down and was on a mission to follow it. He kept saying he wanted to hold the giant bunny which later turned into "I want a bunny hamburger," huh? Whatever, he's nearly 3. After a couple of hours at Joshua Tree we headed back to the house for lunch and a nap. K didn't nap, he had giant bunny and scaling mountains on the brain. After an early dinner we headed back to the park to watch the sunset. It was amazing but it was more amazing seeing it on the drive back home with out any mountains obscuring our view. Let me tell you, the view's all around was all consuming. I really wish I was still there.

**A gross sidenote. T and I took our blackberries with us to the park. We are sick,sick, sick. Thank the fucking lord we had ZERO service. Totally serves us right!

We spent a day out at The Living Desert in Palm Desert. It's primarily a zoo and garden. I can't really describe it, most of the animals are safari type animals. The kids really enjoyed it. K loved that they had a giant model train display and threw a big 'ol tantrum when it came time to pull him away to look at the animals.

Much of our time was spent at our place, exploring the property, relaxing outdoors sipping ice cold beers and letting the kids get crazy sticky with popsicles. The weather was fantastic. The mornings and evenings were really cool and breezy and the days were hot, not LA humid hot, but you felt the heat and it felt good. It didn't make you feel gross and sweaty and tired. It was dry and my lips cracked but it was fantastic and I want to go back, a lot.

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