Another Weekend Recap

On Friday morning I took K to preschool while T took the baby to the doctor. Seeing as though they sent him home early with "pink eye" on Friday we needed to get him checked out before he would be allowed back to daycare. Turns out the V-man had an ear infection, the doctor states its a chronic ear infection meaning the ear infection he had in April didn't ever go away. Thus, he got a new anti-biotic to fix it. As for the pink eye. She said it was due to the ear infection and prescribed some drops. I feel bad for T since he had a lot of work to take care of and he had the little guy with him all day. Saturday was pretty nice. We got up nice and early and headed over to Travel Town as soon as they opened. This was the first time we've gone since V became a confident walker. They had a blast. It was so cute watching both boys running down the aisle of the passenger cars and getting excited being surrounded by all the trains. We rode the train around the grounds, you could see the shock and curiosity on V's face (although this wasn't his first time riding it) he was, it seemed, able to take it all in for the very first time. There was an old crane train that was getting worked on and K couldn't get enough. He kept yelling "Cranky Crane! Cranky Crane," Travel Town really has to be one of the best free attractions for kids. It really didn't feel like we were there for very long but by the time we got to our car nearly an hour and a half had gone by. We stopped for a quick lunch and then hightailed it to the dentist for K's appointment. It was just a 6-month check up, and I'm happy to say zero cavities. K associates the dentist with two things and two things only 1)cartoons and 2)toys. You see the dentist office has TV in each room. The first time K went it was in the a.m. so he was able to watch cartoon while he waited for the dentist and through his exam. This time he expected the same thing (since he watched the animated Batman last time he wanted it again and even asked the nurse for it.) Amazingly they had a Batman VHS which they popped in for K. After the exam the dentist was so happy K didn't have cavities she gave him a toy and a toothbrush that lights up and times your brushing. You see, what nearly 3-year old wouldn't love the dentist? After the dentist we drove out to Canoga Park to go to the Topanga Mall. I mainly just wanted to go to Crate and Barrel and thought this would be better then heading to old town and dealing with all the foot traffic. The mall has been under renovation and is so nice and new feeling. The mall wasn't to crowded so the kids could walk around pretty freely and they had a total blast in the little play area and riding the 2-story carousel. Luckily we have learned through trial and error when to pull the kids out of the play area in order to avoid a meltdown. We handled it like pros! Sunday morning was spent in Little Tokyo. Not for any good reason other then to buy some yummy freshly made mochi from Mikawaya (if you're familiar with the yummy mochi ice cream , yep they make it). After picking up some chi chi dango and other individual mochi treats we strolled through Little Tokyo and made a quick pit stop at the asian market for some staples. I didn't want to be out all day so we got home just before lunch and hung out around the house for the rest of the day. The kids spent a good amount of time outside with their sandbox and such. So much so that they were a filthy mess when the came in and both kids had lots of sand stuck to their scalp. Can I tell ya, washing sand off of a head is a real pain in the butt! After much combing and scrubbing we got the sand outta there hair , go the dirt off their bodies and got them ready for dinner and snuggle time. Each passing week my weekends become more and more enjoyable with the kids. Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with them, its just with each little bit of development and emotional change in them I'm finding more things we can do as a family where we all enjoy ourselves. We all consume the stimuli of our surroundings and we are all able to have some sort of interaction with what is going on. It was tough for awhile, with the boys being so close in age yet what we could and were doing was really only benefiting K. Seeing V actually enjoying and getting excited about our weekend runarounds is really humbling for me. It's not about me. It's not about T. It's about us, our little brood. I really am enjoying it and I know now that things will start getting more exciting!

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