Sick Boy

Yesterday, just before lunch, I got a phone call from K's school. "Is this K's mom? " "Yes" "K is running a fever you need to pick him up right now." "Ok, i'll be there in 15 minutes." I get there and all the other kids are getting ready for lunch and poor little K is laying in his cot, his teeny body warm as hell and looking miserable. He didn't even want to sit up. He shot his arms up in the air and wanted to be carried. I stopped by to say hi to V, gave him a smooch and let his teacher know I would be back in the late afternoon to pick V up. K feel asleep in the car before we even got home. He did not look good. I got home took his temp, gave him some motrin and put him down for a nap. He was not doing well. He was so uncomfortable he could barely sleep soundly. I comforted the little guy most of the day and at about 5 I left to pick up V. Normally there are tons of kids, from k's class, there at that hour but there was one child. The teacher told me that all the other kids were feverish and/or throwing up so were sent home as well. I was a bit worried. Was it a virus? I don't know. So this morning I loaded the kids up in the car. K was staying home but I needed to drop V off. I dropped him off later then normal. And again all the kids are there by 8 but today, all the babies in V's class were there but only one little girl in K's class. I asked the teacher what was going on and she said all the other kids were out sick! Now I freaked as I started to think K was teething but obviously he wasn't. When I got back to the car I got on the phone with the dr's office. I told them the deal and they said to come in. K was checked out and turns out the little guy has gotten himself an ear infection! Whew...I thought it was something worse. So in a couple of hours when the little guy wakes up we're going to get his presrciption filled and pick up some items from Target and call it a day.

I have a little bit of work to do at home today but once that's done i'll be moving on to packing up some items in the kitchen. I'll start demoing on Wednesday. Unfortunately i'll be starting alone since T will be up in Sunnyvale at our corporate campus for the day. I can't wait to slam down the sledge hammer on the tile. I will feel liberated!!!!!

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