Let The Games Begin

This upcoming week will be a short work week. I work Monday and Tuesday and that's it. Then its demo, demo and demo. I started in on the kitchen today. I emptied out the cabinets and started cooking some dinners I can freeze and we can defrost while we are kitchen less. Don't get me wrong, the kitchen isn't totally bare yet I have till Friday to take care of emptying the room out but this is a great headstart. Once I was done with my clearing and tossing T started at getting the cabinets together. One thing I need to remember to do is measure our existing stove. You see, I have a vintage stove. It's so cool with a grill top, two ovens and two broilers (and of course four burners). One of my peers at work wants it but needs measurements.

Yesterday we met some friends at the San Diego zoo. K had a great time. Even though he's a bit uncomfortable with an ear infection you could tell that being outdoors doing something fun was totally what he needed. He was smiling, lauging, enjoying the animals; especially the giant hippo! V was such a fantastic baby as well. He was so happy and not once did he cry to be carried. T and I had a great time and the weather down in SD was superb, sunny and cool, nothing like LA. I met some friends I haven't seen since the day I graduated from highschool. So that was a real treat for me. We're all such different people so it was great to catch up with the gals.

So my home life. Well, K's fever finally broke and we're not dealing with a miserable feverish baby. But I did take him to the doctor and the result is an ear infection. He's on some antibiotics and he should be good to go at the end of the week. it's so sad to see my little boy so miserable. Because he's not 100% he's having some crazy mood swings which I can totally understand. :( Poor baby. Now V, well, he's teething. Of course the teething and the ear infection would coincide during the same week. So there is no break for T and I. V is just outta control. I don't want to overdo it with the Tylenol since you can't exceed so many dosages in a day so I want to use it when totally necessary. Luckily we have a huge supply of Hylands Teething Tablets which seem to be working. But the drooling is insane and the crying so peircing! Just when I forgot what the early teething pain was like for K I'm reliving it again. Well I would much rather roll all these "growing pains" back to back between both boys and then, when I'm done, I'm done. Which I'm sure will be when they are 25. Har, har, har. Oh how I love my little boys!!!!

These new desks at our new offices are HUGE! It's twice as big as my old desk. My desk looks really bare. I need more junk to clutter up my desk. I don't want to load it up with a bunch of pictures, one pic of each of my boys is more then enough, I have a lamp, a little Y! cell phone cradle, altoids, lip balm, one two-story, file thing, a mug for drinks, a mug to hold all my pens, a couple of framed pictures and that's it. and that barely covers a third of my desk. Maybe I should get some potted succulents, a low maintenance plan aka something that doesn't need to be watered everyday. I don't know. Any thoughts?

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