Home Improvement V.6

There's been some progress on the kitchen. Floor is in. Cabinets are "roughed in" and will be securely placed in its correct location today. Counter top will start to go in and water will be connected. Unfortunately will be at a stand still for a week as our "guy" will be going on a pre-planned vaca and continuing with the work the day my mom arrives from Hawaii. I've warned mom and she's fine. After all she was right there with us when we were doing a bathroom remodel and had no functioning toilet.
So here at work we have a couple of Starbucks-esque coffee bars but all drinks are FREE. Everymorning I come in and grab a double americano. Since its normally much to hot to drink, when I get to my desk I get a ice cold cup of water with lots of crushed ice. Well we also have free soda vending and fountain soda. Needless to say we are all well caffienated here at the big Y. Anyway, because of the free coffee drinks I don't really drink much soda. However I find myself drinking much to much espresso. It starts with the double americano and throughout the day I drink lots of iced lattes/americanos. Our iced drinks come in one size which is somewhere between a Starbucks grande and Vent. I've already had days where i've drank so much espresso I was overly jittery and sick to my stomach. That was a bit of an eyeopening. I've been trying to limit myself to my morning drink and one afternoon iced drink. Maybe I should just drink Italian sodas, well maybe not. Those syrups are much to sugary for my taste. If i'm going to consume sugar like that I would much rather have a slurpee/ice cream/spree something I enjoy consuming!
The new Sidekick 3 hits the street next month. Existing T-Mobile customers can purchase them this month. Yippee. I don't want one, I'm still in love with my Sidekick II but I am thinking of getting the Sidekick 3 for the T-Bone. It would be a belated Father's Day gift. Actually is it really belated if we jointly agreed to move Dad's day this year due to our involvement in home construction on his big day? So anyway, I'm thinking of getting him that. There's been some improvements to the updated model: a bit smaller, a more charcoal color, music player, bluetooth, EDGE Tech., a better camera, mini-SD card slot. He's into it but I think he feels like, "am I really going to use that?" Of course he will. Actually I use my phone much more for Text and IM and email but something is wonky with my Y! email pop account and need to fix it. And I actually use the web a lot on my computer, especially when drivining and need to citysearch a restaurant or something. So we'll see. I'm letting him decide but I think he seceretly wants it.
Other then the kitchen and maintaining some foot print of a normal functioning house I really haven't been up to much. K's rash is almost all gone. He has a little bit of splotchiness on his face but all the spots on the rest of his body is 99% gone. He still has remnants of a cough that flared up during the height of the rash/allrgey. His little puffer seems to be doing the job. He hates it but has learned to deal with that aero chamber on his face. One thing is for sure, that albuterol totally amps him up. Within 30-45 minutes of taken it he's running around like a crazy person! That's okay though. He's just a kid.

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