Home Improvement V.4

The demo has begun. T is in Sunnvale today and I took the day off of work. Over the last few days we packed up our kitchen items except one frying pan and a pair of tongs I like to cook with. This morning I have started to remove cabinetry from the walls. I'm taking a break and will probably make two different chicken dishes and stick them in the freezer. They will become dinner when we totally lose functionality of our kitchen. I was under the sink for a bit trying to figure out how to disconnect all the hoses and what not from the actual sink. I couldn't figure it out. I got as far as shutting the water off. I want to demo the counter top and remove the sink but i've hit a speed bump. See, perfect time to cook. Once the cooking is finished and the one pan is washed I will try to demo the counter top sorrounding the sink and removing the two cabinets flanking the sink cabinet. I have two cabinets I need to remove above the range. Having already removed some wall cabinets I know it will take no longer ten 15-20 minutes to remove. Since I still have some pieces of furniture in the kitchen, furniture I, alone, cannot remove I will attempt at removing some base moulding, moving the cleaning solutions from the laundry room and mabe try to pull up the ugly linolieum from the floor. If I am unsuccessful and come to an abrupt stop I will do some cleaning around the house. We'll see how it goes.

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